When will my order ship?

All orders will ship within one business day!
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How many different snacks come in each box?

Every SnackNation snack box is jam-packed with a variety of expertly-curated snacks including chips, crackers, nutrition bars, jerky, sweets, and more. Our classic and better-for-you snack boxes come with up to 12 different snack types and 140-160 individually-packaged snacks. This allows our snack curation team to have some flexibility in what items are selected each month. For example, one month might include a product that costs 2x more than the average SnackNation item, but it’s just so amazing that we want everyone to try it! In this scenario, we would simply have a lower overall volume of snacks for that month (closer to 140) so we can keep within budget. This will ensure that you have the best tasting snack delivery possible! With our smaller better-for-you snack box you can expect 12 different snack types and approximately 75 individually-wrapped snacks.

Are the snacks full-size or sample portions?

Each snack included in your SnackNation snack box is a full-size single-serve portion. This is a premium program – you will never receive any sample-sized portions from us!

What is SnackNation Pricing?

Each office around the country is unique with different breakroom needs and different budgets. Our wide variety of programs ensure the perfect fit for every team and each is highly customizable to your needs. To better understand pricing, get a custom quote now or speak with a SnackNation Snack Advisor now to choose the best plan and price for your office.

What is the snack display box?

The product display box is a customized snack tray that’s shipped with your first order (in addition to your snack box). This display allows each office to have a clean, organized and designated snacking area, not to mention a great display of their perks for guests and visiting candidates. These are great additions to any office kitchen or breakroom in need of easily accessible snacks.

Do I get to choose the snacks for each delivery?

You’ll work with your Snack Concierge (Account Manager) over the first few months to communicate your team’s snacking preferences. This includes giving feedback on which snacks your team loved (we’ll send more of those) and which snacks your team did not care for (we won’t send those again). With the SnackNation App, your employees have the ability to rate and review snacks in your office so you can see exactly which snacks they’re loving on an easy-to-use online dashboard!


Members with a Gold Membership – Enjoy full customization of your better-for-you snack mix with Snack Sneak Peek! You can log in to your online Member Portal to see all of the curated snacks you can expect. Swap snacks for ones you know your team will love or, if the selection looks delicious, don’t do a thing and enjoy a timely delivery of tasty snacks.

What are your shipping limitations?

Continental United States (lower 48 States) shipping is free and included in your membership. Alaska and Hawaii are an additional $50/box. We don’t currently ship internationally.

Who delivers my box/boxes each month?

All SnackNation delivery boxes are shipped via FedEx. SnackNation+ Members in Los Angeles enjoy exclusive delivery by SnackNation along with breakroom monitoring, stocking and curation.

How can I track my shipment?

When your SnackNation box ships, the email address associated with the order will receive a tracking number.

What’s the latest that I can make changes to or cancel my box?

You can modify or cancel your subscription by calling your Snack Concierge’s direct line or emailing [email protected]. After a commitment, the subscription automatically renews on a month-to-month basis. However, modifications or cancellations can be made with a 14-day notice prior to the subsequent shipment. 

Where is SnackNation Fruit sourced?

SnackNation exclusively partners with Branch to Box to deliver fresh fruit to your office. Branch to Box’s family farm established in 1843 and their close-knit community of farmers worldwide ensures hand-picked fruit in every box, delivered directly from the orchard.

What is Palindrome Coffee Co.? Where is it sourced?

SnackNation is proud to exclusively offer Palindrome Coffee Co., an artisanal, direct-trade line of third-wave coffee blends sourced from regions of Columbia and Africa. Our exclusive partnerships with Palindrome’s coffee roasters ensure the best price for high-quality, specialty coffee in your office.

Is SnackNation+ available in my city?

SnackNation+ is currently available in the Los Angeles area with plans to expand to more US cities in 2020. Stay tuned!