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26 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts For Recognizing Coworkers & Colleagues In 2022

By September 27, 2022 November 10th, 2022 No Comments

Employee appreciation is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days.

When it gets put into action, employee appreciation is one of the most powerful tools an organization has at its disposal. Recognizing employees once thought of as unnecessary is now considered to be an essential part of almost every company’s strategy.

Best Employee Appreciation Gifts

Showing appreciation leads to better business outcomes, productivity, satisfaction, retention, and more.

“An employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at his or her current job within the next three to six months.” — Apollo Technical

Employee appreciation gifts are one of the best ways to express gratitude and to celebrate your team’s wins. These employee gifts will help your organization reach new heights with a solid boost to staff morale and rewarding hard work.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best employee appreciation gifts for recognizing coworkers and colleagues in 2022.

To find the perfect gift, let’s dive right in!

Want to improve your employee appreciation program this year?


Staff Employee Appreciation Gifts


1) Gifts of Gratitude Box

Employee Starter Pack

If you could put all of your gratitude into a box, it would look something like Gifts of Gratitude. This handpicked curation of comfort-giving gifts will bring a smile to your employees’ faces and a few simple pleasures into their lives.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Gifts of Gratitude features a tea set, organic coffee, handcrafted soap, candles and matches, a stone paper journal, a succulent, and a coffee mug, along with the ability for you to custom brand this care package.

Appreciate your employees with: Gifts of Gratitude Box


2) Buy Them Lunch!

Buying lunch for your employees with a digital credit card is the perfect staff employee appreciation gift because it gives your people the chance to enjoy fresh morning coffee, happy hour drinks, and lunches sent directly to their doorstep.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This staff appreciation gift allows coworkers and colleagues to experience simple pleasures from anywhere in the world, connecting your remote workforce.

Appreciate your employees with: Lunch Time with Digital Credit Card


3) Cozy & Calm Swag Pack

The Cozy & Calm Swag Pack is a preset pack filled with everything your employees need to be a lot more comfortable at the office or their home.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This custom swag pack features a slow-tide fleece blanket, a hot chocolate canister, a bamboo soy candle, a ceramic mug, and more in a tidy package. Part of what makes Cozy & Calm so memorable are the customization options.

Appreciate your employees with: Cozy & Calm Swag Pack


4) Holiday Care Package

This staff appreciation gift is overflowing with delicious treats and cozy winter essentials, making it the perfect way to show your appreciation.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The Holiday Care Package includes a chocolate bar, perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings; Candy Club candy, because who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia; a scented candle, to create a relaxing ambiance; a mug, perfect for warming up with hot cocoa; and a pair of socks to keep them cozy all season long.

Appreciate your employees with: Holiday Care Package


5) Send Out Employee Recognition Points

Employee Recognition Points allow employees to give small bonuses to their coworkers to recognize their efforts and achievements. Bonusly also has a wide variety of gifts available through their rewards catalog, allowing for quick cash-out options, gift cards, and seamless nonprofit donations as well.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: A bonus feed shows the team’s wins and accomplishments and makes rewarding bonus points even easier. With 360-degree recognition, the entire team will feel appreciated and more engaged.

Appreciate your employees with: Employee Recognition Points


6) Let Employees Choose Their Gift

Show your employees how much you value them with a gift that lets them choose their own appreciation care package. With so many options to choose from, they’re sure to find something they’ll love. Plus, this thoughtful gift shows that you care about your staff members’  individual preferences.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: With the Let Employees Choose Their Gift option, employees can pick out something they really want, whether it’s a yummy snack or a fun gadget. Plus, it’s a great way to boost morale and keep your team happy and motivated.

Appreciate your employees with: Let Employees Choose Their Gift


7) Deluxe Snack Box


Deluxe Snack Box

The Deluxe Snack Box is the ideal gift box for refueling and rejuvenating your staff. Sweet, salty, and savory snacks help them remain energized and ready to chase their dreams and work milestones.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The employee appreciation snacks included in the Deluxe Snack Box come straight from the top health brands and are chosen based on constantly updated feedback from real employees.

Appreciate your employees with: Deluxe Snack Box


8) California Wine Taster

The California Wine Taster is a collection of the finest wines the Golden State has to offer. In fact, this collection is so popular that it has sold out more than five times.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Employees are sure to appreciate this delightful sampler, which ranges from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. These award-winning wines will take your employees or coworkers on a road trip through the wineries and Chateaus of California from the comfort of their homes.

Appreciate your employees with: California Wine Taster


Bulk Employee Appreciation Gifts


9) MiiR 20oz Tumbler

The MiiR 20oz Tumbler is an ergonomic tumbler that fits nicely and snug into cupholders. Additionally, this insulated tumbler optimizes temperature for maximum enjoyment.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The average person is pretty much chronically under-hydrated. For employee health and well-being, having a convenient water bottle on hand goes a long way.

Appreciate your employees with: MiiR 20oz Tumbler


10) Marine Layer Sport Jogger

The Marine Layer Sport Jogger is a heavyweight fabric so they don’t sweat through it, with lightweight comfort and convenience. This bulk employee appreciation gift is also ideal for working out in chillier temperatures.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: These joggers feature 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric, so your employees or colleagues will never have to worry about rain, sunshine, or snow — instead, they’ll always be ready to go!

Appreciate your employees with: Marine Layer Sport Jogger


11) The Original S’well Bottle

The Original S’well Bottle is a food-grade stainless steel water bottle that keeps beverages at that just-right-exactly-what-they-want temperature.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Employees are often on-the-go because, well, life keeps moving. What they need are things that can move at their pace. This travel-friendly bottle suits any lifestyle and maintains cold temperatures for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours.

Appreciate your employees with: The Original S’well Bottle


12) Olio E Osso – Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm

Olio E Osso Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm nourishes cheeks and lips, while simultaneously giving them an allure to stand out in any room.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This self-care beauty gift adds the perfect shade to eyelids, cheeks, and lips. Plus, it boasts natural ingredients like shea nut oil, olive oil, beeswax, grapefruit peel oil, and more!

Appreciate your employees with: Olio E Osso Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm


13) Chipolo One Bluetooth Item Finder

The Chipolo One Bluetooth Item Finder is a coin-shaped item finder that assists employees in locating their phones, keys, bags, or other misplaced items.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Employees are busy and life can get pretty hectic, so losing track of things from time to time will inevitably happen. That’s why having one loud sound triggered by an app helps locate lost items.

Appreciate your employees with: Chipolo One Bluetooth Item Finder


14) Carson Blue Light Glasses


The Carson Blue Light Glasses protect your employees’ eyes from the negative effects of excessive screen time. These FDA-approved glasses block blue light with anti-glare coating and UV light filtering.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Developed by optometrists in the UK. Carson Blue Light Glasses offer the best anti-blue light protection around to keep your employees’ eyes healthy and their energy up. Additionally, the blue light glasses can be customized with the option to print or engrave your company logo onto the case.

Appreciate your employees with: Carson Blue Light Glasses


Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes


15) Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind packs the right type of punch to jolt employees out of bed with just enough luxury to soothe them throughout the day.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This luxe gift box features headphones, a charging pad, a notebook, and a personalized message. But the real draw is the gourmet coffee to help start the morning off as smooth as its flavor! Perfect to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in style!

Appreciate your employees with: Rise and Grind Box


16) Remote Office Pack – SwagUp

The Remote Office Pack is the ultimate swag pack for remote employees with every detail well-thought-out — even down to a plastic door hanger that indicates whether or not they’re in the middle of a meeting.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The staff appreciation gift features a vacuum insulated camper mug, a door hanger, knit socks, and insert cards in a customizable package.

Appreciate your employees with: Remote Office Pack


17) Mini Wine Bottle Collection

The Mini Wine Bottle Collection gives your wine-loving employees the chance to sip on fine wines in sizes that will leave them just satisfied enough.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Everyone wants to feel seen in their simplest and most sophisticated form. This wine gift box assumes that their pallet is refined enough to enjoy the crisp whites and full-flavored reds and everything in between.

Appreciate your employee with: Mini Wine Bottle Collection


18) Hot Sauce Box

The Hot Sauce Box is a perfectly spicy employee appreciation box for your hot sauce loving employees or coworkers.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The best part about the Hot Sauce Box is that it offers a spectrum of heat so your employees can choose the intensity of their hot sauce tasting journey. Whether they want to indulge their wild side or their mild side, they’ve got options.

Appreciate your employee with: Hot Sauce Box


19) Anytime Employee Appreciation

The Anytime Employee Appreciation box is purposefully made to deliver joy anytime, anywhere in your employees’ lives.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This appreciation gift box is packed full of thoughtfully curated employee appreciation snacks and eco-friendly surprises. Win with your employees by gifting them heirloom popcorn, chocolate espresso cookies, a s’more as satisfying as if it were cooked over a campfire, playing cards, cinnamon pecan granola,  and more — all while supporting hunger relief efforts, and job opportunities for under-resourced women.

Appreciate your employee with: Anytime Employee Appreciation


20) Taste The World – Tinggly

Taste The World is a gastronomic tour of the world that takes employees virtually to Italy for exquisite pasta, to India for a spice tour, to France for a taste of divinely crafted cheeses, and lastly, to Japan for the supreme sushi experience.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: These hand-curated culinary experiences enable your employees to choose from more than 200 options. All they have to do is visit the Tinggly redeem page, select the most convenient date for them, and await the confirmation email!

Appreciate your employee with: Taste The World


Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts


21) Custom Illustration with Outline

The Custom Illustration with Outline is a line art illustration made from photos your employees send to you. The better the image, the better the illustration so make the memory count!

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Each drawing is done by hand. Just select the quality of prints and the number of people, pets, or objects to be drawn and you’re all set!

Appreciate your employee with: Custom Illustration with Outline


22) Amplify Snacks + Goods

Amplify Snacks + Goods is meant to uplift, encourage, and inspire employees with medium roast coffee for energy, a scented candle, 12 better-for-you snacks, and a cloth and paper-lined notebook.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Every Amplify Box purchase supports Feeding America and the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit working to end racial inequality.

Appreciate your employee with: Amplify Snacks + Goods


23) Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Remember when The Queen’s Gambit was all anyone could talk about? Chess set sales spiked all over the world as people realized how incredible chess is. Now, The Magnetic Travel Chess Set is a chance to play anywhere at their total convenience.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: Whether your employees are on the train, flying for a business trip, or heading on a road trip to close a client, the Magnetic Travel Chess Set is ready to go. This magnetized set will hold the pieces in place, which is the real bonus as they travel!

Appreciate your employee with: Magnetic Travel Chess Set


24) The Pup Chest

The Pup Chest is the perfect subscription box for pet lovers. This unique employee appreciation gift provides 2 toys, a pack of treats, and an extra item for pet care and grooming.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: The exact items change each month, but the quality of the toys, the deliciousness of the treats, and the overall fun for the fur baby always stays top-notch.

Appreciate your employee with: The Pup Chest


25) Custom City Map Print

The Custom City Map Print is perfect for those employees that you know take great pride in where they’re from.

What makes this appreciation gift memorable: This customizable city map lets you give your employees a personalized perspective of their hometown or favorite city in the most artful way possible. The Custom City Map Print is ideal to be displayed in their home office!

Appreciate your employee with: Custom City Map Print


26) Private Dim Sum Class

The Private Dim Sum Class is one of Blueboard’s signature experiential gifts. This cooking class gives employees the full Dim Sum-making expertise by the time it’s over.

What makes this appreciation gift: The Private Dim Sum Class is a unique employee appreciation gift and is especially perfect for employees who enjoy whipping up new recipes in the kitchen!

Appreciate your employee with: Private Dim Sum Class


People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Appreciation Gifts

Q: What are good appreciation gifts for employees?

  • Good appreciation gifts for employees are products or experiences that are meant to make employees feel appreciated and recognized. Tote bags, drinkware, gift baskets, keychains, stickers, earbuds, and t-shirts are common tokens of appreciation; however, custom and personalized gifts tend to be even more meaningful employee appreciation gift ideas.

Q: How do you show staff appreciation on a budget?

  • You can show staff appreciation on a budget by ordering employee appreciation gifts in bulk, as well as, working with gifting companies that specialize in affordable gift curation.

Q: How do I order employee appreciation gifts in bulk?

  • You can order employee appreciation gifts in bulk through companies that offer bulk purchases. Many of these same companies will also handle the shipping and every aspect of the logistics.

Q: When is a good time to show appreciation to your employees?

  • Work anniversariespromotionswelcome back celebrations, years of service, employee appreciation day, and holidays are great times to show appreciation to employees, but the truth is, all year round is a good time to recognize and show employees you appreciate them.

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