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Top 10 Best Motivational Gifts For Employees That Encourage Teams To Work Hard In 2022

By August 30, 2022 November 10th, 2022 No Comments

Keeping your team motivated and focused can be a difficult task for any company.

Even at companies with great office culture and happy employees, keeping everyone on-task and in good spirits can feel like a full-time job at your full-time job.

Best Motivational Gifts For Employees

One great way to help encourage your team to work hard is by giving them a motivational gift!

According to Forbes, a stunning “96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention.” This leads to direct results, as, according to Forbes, “highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.”

That means keeping your team motivated and cared for will only pay dividends for the success and health of your business.

Read on for the top ten best motivational gifts for employees that encourage teams to work hard in 2022!

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10 Best Inspirational Employee Gifts That Will Motivate Teams

1) Partner’s Coffee Gift Set

Partner’s Coffee Gift Set CAROO

Give your team some pep with the Partner’s Coffee Gift Set. This great gift for employees comes with a bag of top-notch Partner’s ground coffee and a travel camping mug emblazoned with the Partner’s logo. A useful cup and a little caffeine will make your employees motivated (and attentive) for another day of work.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Employee appreciation day

Price: $49

How this gift helps to motivate employees: The Partner’s Coffee Gift Set will get your team buzzing with appreciation and add some caffeine-assisted energy to the workplace.

Where to find this: Partner’s Coffee Gift Set


2) Spa Day Essentials

After a tough assignment or to jumpstart a wellness challenge, allow your team to unwind with this Spa Day Essentials gift box. With this employee appreciation gift, your employees can shut off their brains and relax by turning their homes into a luxurious spa. With quality soaps, scrubs, scented candles, and even a face mask, your employees will be able to cool down and chill out in their free time.

This will get them centered and ready to return to the office motivated

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Kicking off an employee wellness challenge

Price: $79

How this gift helps to motivate employees: By focusing on your employee’s wellness, the Spa Day Essentials will create more relaxed employees, boosting your overall office culture.

Where to find this: Spa Day Essentials


3) Amplify Snacks + Goods


Send a gift that’ll boost morale while also giving back to the community with the Amplify Snacks + Goods gift box. This gift box full of a great assortment of gifts and treats—including healthy snacks, top-tier coffee beans, and calming candles—is all made by BIPOC-founded, LatinX- founded, LGBTQ+- founded, AAPI-founded, and women-founded brands.

Plus, each purchase leads to a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative, which fights mass incarceration and racial injustice. Choose this gift box to Amplify your core values and your employee’s sense of company pride.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Employee milestone

Price: Request custom pricing here

How this gift helps to motivate employees: By giving a gift that does good and supports your company’s core values, your employee will feel connected to and motivated by your company.

Where to find this: Amplify Snacks + Goods


4) You’ve Got This Mug

You’ve Got This Mug AMAZON

If you want to send a thoughtful gift and a motivational quote all at the same time, look no further: the You’ve Got This Mug is a cute motivational gift with a great encouraging message. With soft pink coloring and gold lettering, this charming mug will give your team member a motivating message every time they take a sip: You’ve got this!

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Moving into a new office

Price: $18

How this gift helps to motivate employees: A high-quality mug emblazoned with words of encouragement, this employee recognition gift will get your team motivated and show that you’re invested in their success.

Where to find this: You Got This Mug


5) Orbit Chargers

Orbit Charger Conference Swag Idea

Keep your whole team juiced up and ready to work with Orbit Chargers. Simple, well-designed, and extremely useful, Orbit Chargers are QI-enabled wireless chargers for phones, headphones, and other electronic devices. Perfect for the cubicle, home office, or weekend cabin, your employee will stay charged with this gift.

Also, these Orbit Chargers are customizable—you’ll be able to add your company’s logo to the center of the charger, promoting your brand and allowing your team to show off their company pride on their desk.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: General appreciation for hard work

Price: $17 to $41

How this gift helps to motivate employees: A practical gift with a personalized touch, the Orbit Charger will keep your team charged and ready to go.

Where to find this: Orbit Chargers


6) Choose-Your-Own Gift Card

TheyChoose Gift Card CAROO

There’s one person in the world who knows what your employee wants most—and that’s your employee! Let your team member choose their reward with this choose-your-own gift card. This hassle-free corporate gifting idea will be delivered straight to their email inbox and be immediately ready for use, taking all possible difficulties out of the gifting process for both you and your employee.

This gift card can be used with a long list of great vendors, including shopping options like Amazon and Nordstrom, and food options like Chipotle and DoorDash. Add a note to personalize this gift and explain why you’re sending this motivational office gift.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Employee milestone

Price: That’s up to you! Take this 60-second quiz to set up your gift card order.

How this gift helps to motivate employees: With this motivational gift, your employee will get exactly what they want, whether that means a nice meal or a new pair of shoes. This will bring them back to the office in a great mood and with a positive view of the company.

Where to find this: Choose-your-own gift card


7) Mindful + Calm Care Package


Let your employees focus on their wellbeing with this excellent care package all about mindfulness, wellness, and self-care. The Mindful + Calm Care Package contains plenty of great items for body and mind renewal, including healthy snacks, a journal, a water bottle, and a stress ball.

This gift can be used to kickstart your office wellness plan, which will only create a healthier and stronger office culture. Plus, the corporate gifting company Caroo makes sending the gift easy, giving you some peace of mind too.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Celebrating the end of a big project

Price: $69

How this gift helps to motivate employees: By letting your employee take time to focus on their own wellbeing, they’ll return to work rejuvenated and motivated.

Where to find this: Mindful + Calm Care Package


8) Thank You Chocolate

Combine a thoughtful note with a delicious treat with the Thank You Chocolate gift. This employee recognition idea includes a nice thank you card and a yummy sea salt caramel dark chocolate bar. They’ll get to have a special dessert to munch on, which will only taste sweeter when paired with their positive office accomplishment.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Celebrating a job well done

Price: $23

How this gift helps to motivate employees: By combining employee recognition and a scrumptious reward, your employee will be motivated to tackle the next office challenge.

Where to find this: Thank You Chocolate


9) Inspirational Desk Calendar

Inspirational Desk Calendar AMAZON

Keep your team feeling inspired with this thoughtful wellness gift—an inspirational desk calendar that has a new quote for every day of the year. With a fresh motivational quote to start each new day at the office (plus some extra quotes they missed over the weekend to help them get through Monday), your employee will be reminded of their self-worth.

Since this great gift came from you, they’ll get a daily reminder of how much the company cares about their wellbeing and place on the team.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: The start of the fiscal quarter

Price: $24

How this gift helps to motivate employees: With this calendar, your employee can keep track of the week while receiving a daily dose of positivity.

Where to find this: Inspirational Desk Calendar


10) JBL Clip 4 Speaker

Bring the beat to your employee’s free time with the portable JBL Clip 4 Speaker. This gift can be for anyone at your company, from HR to the sales team. With great audio fidelity that fits right in your pocket or can clip onto your keychain, your employee can bring their music with them on weekend adventures or after-work trips to the park.

You can also upload your own design, making this a fully customizable piece of company swag, allowing your team to rep the company logo while bumping their favorite tunes.

Inspire your employees by sending this gift for: Welcoming them to the team

Price: $100

How this gift helps to motivate employees: A little music during time off will help your team keep the rhythm and stay motivated when they’re back in the office.

Where to find this: JBL Clip 4 Speaker

People Also Ask These Questions About Motivational Gifts For Employees

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about motivational gifts for employees.

Q: What are some unique motivational gifts to get my employees?

Q: How much should I spend on motivational gifts for teams?

  • A: You should spend as much on motivational gifts for your team as you’re comfortable with. Gifting is an important way to motivate and appreciate employees and should not be ignored. However, choosing a thoughtful, meaningful gift is more powerful than choosing an expensive, impersonal present.

Q: What are some inexpensive motivational gifts for employees?

  • A: There are plenty of options for inexpensive motivational gifts for employees that will still be meaningful. Consider purchasing some smaller snack care packages, a charming mug, or a gift card with a lower cash value. For more ideas, check out this list of motivational gift ideas.

Q: How do I choose inspirational gifts for coworkers?

  • A: You can choose inspirational gifts for coworkers based on your office culture and your coworkers’ interests. If you’ve got a socially-minded office, send them an Amplify snack box that donates with each purchase. Or, for an office of sweet tooths, send a delicious treat bag full of goodies.

Q: How much does it cost to send bulk inspirational gifts to teams?

  • A: The cost of sending bulk inspirational gifts to your team depends on the gift you want to send and how many team members you have. You could be spending a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, depending on the scale. However, there are several top-rated corporate gifting companies out there that make sending these very easy.

Q: How do I know if my motivational gift idea for my team was successful?

  • A: You’ll know your motivational gift idea for your team was successful if you see an improvement in your office culture, including a greater sense of communication and office appreciation. A boost in morale or productivity are signs of a successful motivational gift initiative.

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