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115 Unique Gifts For Employees That Will Boost Morale & Show Appreciation In 2022

By October 18, 2022 November 17th, 2022 30 Comments

Gifts for Employees

You never know when you might need some quality gifts for employees. Those work anniversaries, appreciation days, and even officially calendared gift-giving holidays tend to sneak up on all of us.

We created this list to help you find the best employee appreciation gift for any celebration at a moment’s notice.

These are 3 of our favorites to check out this month:

Recommended Product

Quick Description 

This employee care package celebrates the holidays in style with premium items that encourage employees to relax and celebrate the festivities of the season. Choose from a number of curated selections or customize a holiday kit for your entire company. It’s up to you!

Let your employees build their own appreciation gift box! Give your staff the freedom to choose the perfect gift. Set a budget per box and with a few clicks on the Caroo platform, they can select, order, and ship a premium employee appreciation gift box right to their doorstep.

The Self-Heating Mug is a luxury employee gift that will completely upgrade their morning ritual with a coffee mug that keeps your hot beverage at the perfect temperature. Plus, when you're done with your beverage, the accompanying pad can charge your cell phone or wireless headphones.

No matter the occasion, gifts for employees boost morale. They’re more than just material tokens; they’re ways to express gratitude and make employees feel valued.

In one employee happiness survey, 45% of respondents even said they believe team appreciation gifts reflect their value at a company.

Browse the categories below to find crowd-pleasing staff appreciation gifts for your special employees. If you already have a go-to gift that always gets smiles, we’d love to hear about it. Share your team gift-giving successes in the comments below.

Want to improve your employee appreciation program this year?


Holiday Gifts For Employees

Holiday gifts for employees are just-for-fun items appropriate for sending on any special occasion or annual holiday. These holiday gifts make company-wide festivities even more memorable.

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we update it often with the latest and greatest gifts employees actually want for 2022!

1) Treat Your (S)elf

  • What is it? The Treat Your (S)elf Box is a sentimental employee holiday gift for adding cheer and joy to the workplace. These festive goodies will unleash your employees’ inner elves this winter and give them another reason to celebrate this special time of the year.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: This gift features a holiday candle, wireless charger, premium chocolate, a super inventive popcorn popper and other yummy treats to say thanks for the great work!
  • Customizable? Yes


2) “Stay Comfy” Swag in a Box

Products to include:

Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.

  • What is it? A box full of goodies that pair perfectly with a cozy fire.
  • Why employees will love this holiday gift: When going outside is optional… Staying comfy is a must!
  • Price: About $50
  • Customizable? Yes


3) Reward Them With An Unforgettable Experience

Blueboard Work Anniversary

  • What is it? The employee experience experts at Blueboard specialize in memory-making gifts. Appreciate your employees and encourage them to experience something new or indulge in a passion with the people they love most.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: It taps in with their interests! A memorable alternative to corporate holiday gifts that not only gives employees a chance to unwind during the holidays, but lets them enjoy a favorite hobby or activity, or check something off their bucketlist.
  • Customizable? Yes


4) Happy Socks Kit


  • What is it? A holiday-inspired pack of socks with all sorts of colorful designs to choose from.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: They make it easy to show off your love of the winter holidays with a bright pair of warm socks.
  • Price: $34
  • Customizable? Yes


5) The Tech Pack

  • What is it? Kit out your employees this holiday season with a power-pack of branded tech gear, including a rubberized power bank, spot pro Bluetooth tracker, charging cable, PowerBuds, and a custom greeting card.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: It’s a company swag bag idea they’ll use every day.
  • Price: $85.09
  • Customizable? Yes


6) The Lizush Holiday Gift Set

  • What is it? A luxury gift set loaded with a ton of health and wellness items that will help any employee relax during some much-needed time off during the holidays.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: It not only packs in a ton of premium gifts but you can choose to add the Recipient’s Name on the lid in rose gold lettering to make it more personal for a small extra cost. Talk about the joys of personalization!
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes


7) Pick Your City – Old Fashioned Glasses


  • What is it? Pick your city with these double old fashioned glasses etched with the maps of your favorite cities.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: 5 laser-etched double old fashioned shot glasses for the world traveler on your team — you know who you are!
  • Price: $19.99
  • Customizable? Yes


8) Holiday-Themed Shippable Experience

  • What is it? Shippable holiday-inspired experiences are perfect for connecting your team and leaving a lasting impression. This type of team building activity includes a kit or gift box as part of the experience. The gift box can be shipped to each employee’s home, and the contents can be used to create a festive holiday atmosphere.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: This is a great way to promote teamwork and bonding, while also giving employees a chance to relax and have fun during the holiday season.
  • Price: Pricing varies based on the experience you choose
  • Customizable? Yes
  • Where to get it: Explore a few of our favorites…

→ 🍸 Holiday Elixir Making Class

→ ☕️ Festive Hot Chocolate Experience

→ 🎄 Wreath Making Class

→ 👩‍🎨 Drink, Draw & Deck the Halls

→ 🧀 Charcuterie Board Experience


9) Zedd Outdoor Speaker


  • What is it? The Zedd Outdoor Speaker will amplify your brand and your tunes! This Bluetooth speakers stands out from the rest offering crisp sound quality, a unique shape, and is waterproof. Plus, it can easily attach to your belt or backpack for hands-free fun. This speaker is also a Super Speed Product meaning you can order, print, and ship much faster than similar products.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: With great sound quality and compact size, employees will love being able to take their favorite music with them anywhere – anytime.
  • Price: Starting at $59.99 
  • Customizable? Yes


10) Sherpa Blanket

  • What is it? An ultra-cozy fleece blanket designed to warm up your employee during a cold day at the office or if the central air conditioning is just too much for them that day!
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: It is super easy to bundle up and get comfy on a cooler day and its size makes it very easy to hide away in a drawer or under your desk for when you need to stash it away.
  • Price: $33.49
  • Customizable? Yes – multiple colors available as well


11) “Microchip” Cookie Jar


  • What is it? A new cookie concept from the minds of JK Chocolates who created a new “microchip” style of your favorite doughy treat. Each jar of microchip chocolate chip cookies contains bite sized cookies surrounding one chocolate chip center. Their salted peanut butter mini cookies also encase one peanut butter chip. Yum!
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: They not only will most likely have never tried a crunchy cookie like this before, but these things are seriously tasty. You will want to eat the entire jar!
  • Price: Price depends on the number of jars you order
  • Customizable? No


Bonus: Happy Pawlidays Pack

  • What is it? The Happy Pawlidays Pack is the perfect employee gift for any pet owner this holiday season. It comes with a useful travel dog water bowl bottle, plush pet blanket, custom pet bandanna, and more fur-friendly pet swag ideas!
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: Don’t forget about pets this holiday season! Our four-legged friends deserve to unbox some appreciation + it makes for a great gift for employees who love their pet as much as their work.
  • Price: $80.06
  • Customizable? Yes


Team Gifts To Boost Employee Morale

These gifts for employees are presents that bring as much fun and value into employees’ lives as they’ve brought to your company. The morale-boosting items in this section work in conjunction with other recognition tactics to keep staff members feeling valued and engaged in company missions.

12) Rise & Grind Box

  • What is it? The Rise & Grind Box is the perfect mood booster for your busy employees. This coffee lover’s paradise ships directly to their doorsteps and will fuel their day.
  • Why employees will love this gift: Coffee consumption is at an all time high. Employees working from home will love the Rise & Grind Box to keep their brew at the ideal temp for maximum productivity!
  • Customizable? Yes


13) Send A Digital Reward!



  • What is it? A digital staff appreciation gift where instead of dealing with guesswork and wrapping paper, you give employees the freedom to pick their own gift.
  • Why employees will love this gift: With so many ideas out there to find the right employee gift, sometimes the best call is to leave it in their hands. With an employee gifting service, you can set up a program where employees can choose the gift that best suits them from their favorite place to shop. Whether it’s something on their Amazon wishlist or an item from your company swag store, they’ll have the power to choose.
  • Price: Chat with Awardco for custom pricing
  • Customizable? Yes


14) Winter Cozy Swag Pack

  • What is it? Everything needed to “Stay Warm” this holiday season.
  • Why employees love this gift: It sets them up to head out into the brisk winter in style while giving them that extra motivation to brave the elements during a cold winter day.
  • Price: $91.28
  • Customizable? Yes


15) VIP Treatment

  • What is it? VIP treatment is purposefully made for all of your very important employees!
  • Why employees will love this gift: With a wireless speaker, a portable charger, a heated mug, a water bottle, a weekender duffel bag, and much more, the VIP Treatment makes every employee feel like a workplace VIP.

Pro-Tip: The VIP Treatment can also be customized to send to clients and customers here.

  • Customizable? Yes


16) Porter Bowl


  • What is it? A bowl that makes seemingly impossible-to-transport items, like messy salads and soups, easy to pack.
  • Why employees will love this gift: It’s a perfect size and shape for employees that like to work wherever it may take them. (They’ll love not being limited to boring sandwiches.)
  • Price: $55.18 to $77.71
  • Customizable? Yes


17) Self Care Pamper Gift Set

  • What is it? If self-care and wellness are important, then this pamper gift set is perfect for your employees. Your team will receive handmade self-care goods designed to relax them after a busy day of work. Each care package is designed to reduce stress and help them be their best self.
  • Why employees will love this gift: Work and life can be stressful. By providing a coworker or working mom with stress-reducing products from bath bombs to shower steamers you can help them find their inner zen.
  • Customizable? Yes


18) Hydroponic Self-Watering Planter


  • What is it? The Hydroponic Self-Watering Planter uses a soil-less grow medium and a smart reservoir that waters plants every three hours, draining the excess and recycling it so your roots stay moist. The perfect gift to give an employee who loves to cook with fresh ingredients or is reluctant to take care of another plant they fear will be too much work to maintain.
  • Why employees will love this gift: It will give them a great way to grow fresh herbs, chili peppers, tomatoes, and more with little effort on their part.
  • Price: Starting at $32
  • Customizable? Yes


19) Indulgent Charcuterie Experience

Charcuterie Board Holiday

  • What is it? This holiday team activity is a hands-on virtual event that delivers an hour of expertly-led charcuterie board design.
  • Why employees love this gift: Meat and cheese—dare we say more? But seriously, this event is absolutely loaded with gourmet finger foods to fill out their charcuterie boards. Not only do they get to eat everything that comes with this experience, but your employees will also walk away from this event with new knowledge on how to design and build show-stopping charcuterie masterpieces to show off at holiday parties.
  • Price: $116
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Sips + Snack Box

  • What is it? A beautiful gift box stuffed with high quality sweets, healthy snacks, and wine paired perfectly. This employee gift will not only support small batch and minority artisans but it will be thoroughly enjoyed by your coworkers when they’re curled up around a nice fire or on a comfy couch.
  • Why employees will love this gift: The perfect balance of a robust and bitter wine (non-alcoholic options available) will complement the succulent sweetness of the organic snacks, chocolate bark, and delicately roasted almonds. Not to mention, your employees will feel good knowing the box has helped support a good cause.

For every delivery, meals are donated on your behalf through a partnership with Feeding America. *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by local member food banks.

  • Customizable? Yes


Inexpensive Gifts For Employees

These gift ideas are budget-friendly items that while still high-quality, are on the more affordable side of the employee gifting world. These inexpensive employee gifts can be combined with a hand written note, included in a holiday gift basket, or passes out at a company holiday party.


20) Happy Hour Box

  • What is it? A box filled with goodies for a virtual happy hour that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar.
  • Why employees will love this gift: They’ll love the ease and simplicity of popping open this box and finding everything they need for an instant party, including delicious treats and even engaging icebreakers.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes

Caroo has curations and holiday gifts that are perfect for teams on a budget! Explore Affordable and Unique Holiday Gifts as Low as $16 to find that perfect present for your team this year.


21) Cell Phone Stand


  • What is it? This cell phone stand is the perfect item to place on your desk to log onto a Zoom call, watch a video on your smartphone, or play some music via the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: It’s easy to use, compact, and can be used just about anywhere.
  • Price: $24
  • Customizable? No


22) Playing Cards 1.0

  • What is it? A deck of classic playing cards with a custom design.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: One deck of cards provides tons of game options—poker, solitaire, go fish, crazy 8s and more.
  • Price: $5.39 to $12.75
  • Customizable? Yes


23) Popcorn Kernel Set with Seasonings

  • What is it? This popcorn kernel set comes with microwavable multi-color kernel popcorn, cheddar cheese and sour cream, and onion seasoning.
  • Why employees love this gift: All that missing is the maple syrup! Throw on Elf (2003), pop some popcorn, and try out the two delicious seasonings to make your next holiday movie night a hit. Plus, this employee gift box can be customized with your company logo to give it just a bit of your business’ touch as they take this holiday gift home to share with friends and family.
  • Price: $17.18
  • Customizable? Yes


24) Minions Coffee Mug


  • What is it? The hilarious yellow Minions from Despicable Me in coffee mug form!
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: The sculpted mugs are not only adorable but are also made of ceramic, bringing a weighty quality and absorbing heat to help keep your favorite beverage warm.
  • Price: $11.56
  • Customizable? No


25) Cinema Box Cinema-Box

  • What is it? A classic light box complete with the letters and symbols you need to create a variety of messages.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: They can create a different message every day. It also adds a little brightness to any desk.
  • Price: $8.61 to $15.08
  • Customizable? Yes


26) Dammit Doll

Dammit Doll

  • What is it? A handmade stuffed doll durable enough to take a mean squeeze or bang on your desk for a little bit more stress relief during a particularly busy day.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: It’s not only a funny gag gift but it also will let employees unwind and de-stress when they need it!
  • Price: $16.99
  • Customizable? Available in tons of colors and prints


27) Marble & Bamboo Coasters


  • What is it? The 4 Coaster Set includes elegant coasters that offer a stylish and modern design.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: This eye-catching kit is a great conversation starter that will make you the “toast” of the town.
  • Price: $9.14 to $12.44
  • Customizable? Yes


28) Videogame Silicone Airpods Case Cover


  • What is it? A colorful case made from high-quality silicone material to perfectly fit over your Airpods case.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: This tech accessory is not only super useful but also a unique gift for any videogame fan.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Customizable? No


29) Allbirds Lace Kit


  • What is it? A lace kit for the Allbird fan looking to choose from 4 different color combinations.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: They’ll love rocking their sneakers with the lace combination of their choice.
  • Price: $12.50
  • Customizable? Yes


30) Carhartt Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag


  • What is it? A top-tier lunch bag made of heavy-duty materials that features a dual compartment design, insulated top compartment, and shoulder strap.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: It will seriously upgrade any employee’s lunch game especially if they go into the office, have a commute, or travel often.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Customizable? No


Bonus: Cycle Power Bank


  • What is it? The Lifesaver 4-in-1 Flip is a power bank for the busiest of hybrid employees. Featuring a 4000 mAh battery with dual lightning and android connectors (one on each side) it can provide a full charge for most smartphones.
  • Why employees love this inexpensive gift: It is super functional. It also includes a Type C adaptor and a standard USB port for working with almost any cable they might have on their person. It will be a productivity life-saver especially if they are working-from-anywhere.
  • Price: $22.86
  • Customizable? Yes


Last Minute Employee Gifts 

These employee gifts do not require as much time as other products since they have a quicker turnaround time, low minimums, and are more guaranteed to ship in a timely manner. When looking for last minute employee gifts for your entire team you will want to make sure the products you order are delivered in a shorter time than other corporate gifts that require more customization, assembly and shipping time.


31) Food Delivery Gift Card

Food Delivery Gift Card

  • What is it? A digital gift card that can be easily ordered and sent to employees so that they can enjoy takeout from a local eatery on your company’s dime! With three delivery apps to choose from, employees can find the right spot to order from for lunch or dinner.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: It can be used anytime, plus trying out a new restaurant in your area is always a cool experience!
  • Price: Gift card prices range from $10 to $50
  • Customizable? Yes


32) The Holiday Bundle

  • What is it? The Holiday Bundle is a collection of 4 games that will help everyone get to know each other better. It’s perfect for any company event or family gathering where people need an icebreaker activity. You can use it in Zoom meetings, break rooms, and even at home with friends.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: You’ll have everyone laughing and learning how much they have in common with their peers by playing these interactive games that are sure to bring out some interesting facts about who they really are. This bundle includes four different activities that will keep everyone on their toes while also helping them bond over shared experiences, whether virtually or in-person.
  • Price: $13.50
  • Customizable? Yes


33) Turned Yellow Custom Artwork

  • What is it? A personalized piece of artwork where you can turn your coworker into an ICONIC yellow character!
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: This employee gift is not only quick to order and ship, but it’s truly memorable for those who love television and cartoons.
  • Price: Starting at $50
  • Customizable? Yes


34) Bottomless Mimosas Candle

  • What is it? A citrusy candle by Anecdote Candles with roughly 40-50 hours of burn time and delicious notes of blood orange, grapefruit and bergamot. This candle will brighten any room or workspace and will take employees back to the days of brunch with a mimosa or two.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: Whether you are an avid candle fan or do not own any, a high-quality candle like Bottomless Mimosas can upgrade any room it is lit in. It’s also an easy gift to add to any swag bag or holiday party goodie bag for employees to take home.
  • Price: Pricing information is available here
  • Customizable? No


35) The Wild Child Wine Tasting Flight


  • What is it? Comprised of eight less traditional wines, the Wild Child tasting flight is perfect for those feeling adventurous. Allowing for exploration, without the commitment to full bottles, this kit introduces unique blends and hard to find varietals while taking their taste buds on a journey.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: They’ll get the gift of wine + wine knowledge. Virtual tasting options are complimentary for private groups or those wanting to join a public tasting solo.
  • Price: $65
  • Customizable? No


36) Travel Mates Kit


  • What is it? This mini travel kit can be ordered and shipped with a fast turnaround so you don’t have to wait an eternity to give employees a much-deserved tech gift. This employee tech pack includes a PowerUSB, luggage tag, Bluetooth tracker, and a sturdy EVA travel case for employees who are always on-the-go.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: With a low minimum for units ordered, you can send these travel kits for your entire team without having to purchase hundreds of them for your organization. Plus, the items in this gift pack are practical so that coworkers will want to use them every chance they get.
  • Price: $40
  • Customizable? Yes


37) Canvas Grocery Tote


  • What is it? An eco-friendly grocery bag that can replace hundreds of single-use grocery bags over your lifetime. Plus, it can be customized with your company logo or a specific graphic so employees can rep their team while shopping at the market.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: It is the kind of gift that supports a healthy lifestyle, can be used by all of your employees, and can be filled with other employee gifts as part of a larger team gift bag or holiday care package.
  • Price: $2.93
  • Customizable? Yes


38) Skullcandy Evo Earbuds


  • What is it? These wireless headphones are perfect for exercising, lounging on the beach, or jogging through the city.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: Tech gifts are always appreciated and being able to listen to your favorite music while doing just about anything is an experience your employees will thank you for!
  • Price: $96.92
  • Customizable? Yes


39) Arctic Zone Backpack Cooler


  • What is it? Part backpack part insulated cooler, this bag can easily fit 24 cans, features a Therma-Flect radiant barrier to keep contents cold, and includes a number of pockets to hold personal items and snacks.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: Employees can use this backpack cooler on their day off to pack a picnic, stay hydrated at the beach, or simply hang out in the backyard with all of their supplies close at hand. You can also customize the Artic Zone Backpack Cooler to display any graphic of your choice.
  • Price: $40
  • Customizable? Yes


40) Iselin Mug

  • What is it? The Iselin Mug is a 12 oz stoneware that has a matte white exterior and a glossy color on the inside. Its cork base keeps your tables safe from heat stains.
  • Why employees love this last minute gift: It helps them spend way less time in front of the microwave and way more time enjoying the perfect warm beverage.
  • Price: $6.54 to $30.96
  • Customizable? Yes


Bulk Gifts For Employees

Bulk employee gifts are items that can be ordered in large quantities for the holidays, corporate events, and other company milestones. These gift ideas can be delivered to multiple locations and have been proven to be universal crowd-pleasers that are guaranteed to have a lasting positive effect on company culture.

41) Home Office Essentials Kit

Home Office Essentials Swag Kit

  • What is it? If the team’s not in the office, we can at least set them up with everything they need to jump-start their at-home office!
  • Why employees will love this bulk gift: Comes with everything an employee needs to create the ideal WFH office set up.
  • Price: $113.64
  • Customizable? Yes

For more home office gift ideas check out our: 41 Best Work From Home Gifts To Level Up Their Workspace


42) The Eco-Friendly Pack

  • What is it? Put together a pack of some of our earth-friendly favorites. Highlights include: recycled cardboard boxes in which each order plants a tree, as well as the Hustle backpack from Solgaard whose mission is centered around removing plastic from the environment.
  • Why employees will love this bulk gift: This care package will delight your employees working from home that also want to help the environment!
  • Price: $167.82
  • Customizable? Yes


43) Employee Wellness Care Package

  • What is it? A corporate care package curated with wellness-inspired products. Filled with high-quality office items plus energizing snacks and goodies that will help to keep coworkers full and focused.
  • Why employees will love this bulk gift: They’ll love that it will take one more thing off their plate instead of having to search their home for the right snack. Plus, the stone paper pocket journal will help them keep tabs on their projects or simply write down whatever they feel like writing.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes


44) Brews Less Traveled

Beer Club Membership

  • What is it? A beer of the month club where your beer-loving employees can discover hand-selected beers from smaller breweries across the USA.
  • Why employees will love this bulk gift: Each box not only contains 8 new beers to try but offers exclusive access to weekly virtual tastings and conversations with beer experts.
  • Price: $69 per month
  • Customizable? No


45) Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery

  • What is it? An online experience where employees can channel their inner detectives, split into teams, examine clues, and review case files to build team comradery.
  • Why employees will love this bulk gift: Part escape room, part choose-your-own ‘Crime Junkie’ adventure, employees wind their way through fun and exciting narratives by solving puzzles with their friends, family, or work team members.
  • Price: Starts at $8 per player
  • Customizable? Yes


46) Gifts of Gratitude

  • What is it? This carefully curated gift box can be easily ordered in bulk for the entire office and comes with a fragrant candle and matches, a desk-happy succulent, a tea set, handcrafted soap, a stone paper journal, and other productivity-boosting surprises.
  • Why employees love this bulk gift: Upgrade their workspace with a gift box of high-quality items that expresses your gratitude for everything they do on a daily basis. Give them a chance to brew up a perfect cup of tea, tuck into the hand-crafted chocolates, and enjoy another productive day on the job.
  • Customizable? Yes


47) Impact Tech Backpack

  • What is it? A compact, versatile backpack that’s perfect for all occasions. This bulk gift for employees bolsters a slim style that is rich with features, such as organization pockets and a dedicated laptop compartment, which will help keep your gear and technology in order.
  • Why employees love this bulk gift: It’s a sleek backpack without all those lumps that can ruin a professional look.
  • Price: $36.12
  • Customizable? Yes

Hey – fancy seeing you here! Would an automated employee gifting program make your life easier? (Yes) – Try Caroo for free and let them handle all the boring stuff like gathering addresses, shipping details, and tracking information while you get to be the hero (and well-deserved credit) for making their day special.


Gifts For Employees Working At Home

The best gifts for employees working at home are surprises that improve remote work, making it healthier, more efficient, and more fun. People working from home may sometimes feel disconnected. Any of these team gift ideas can provide tangible reconnection.


48) Beer & Cheese Tasting


  • What is it? A lively virtual event where guests learn how to correctly pair craft beer with gourmet cheeses. All your employees have to do is open up their tasting kit (conveniently shipped to their doorstep) and start using the premium ingredients.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: It is a unique experience that also incorporates a healthy dose of beer drinking with a little bit of team bonding thrown in!
  • Customizable? Yes


49) Custom Blue Light Glasses

  • What is it? Glasses designed to reduce eye strain from blue light on all devices.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: Your coworkers will love keeping that just-woke-up feeling in their eyes all day. This staff appreciation gift is something your employees will use every day.
  • Price: $7.01
  • Customizable? Yes


50) Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

  • What is it? A cocktail kit including flavors and syrup, bar spoon, linen coaster, and recipe card. Makes 2 servings and is a perfect item to send to your employees for at-home team building.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: Spice up a virtual holiday party, happy hour, or a fun night home!
  • Price: $29.45 to $37.70
  • Customizable? Yes


51) Bamboo Lunch Box



  • What is it? This lunch box is perfect for employees who like to bring their lunch to work. Made from 50% bamboo fiber, this ultimate to-go container is also equipped with a handy utensil set so you’ll never again have to hunt through the office kitchen for an old fork.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: Incredibly useful and well-made, this “adult lunch box” is a staple in any employees’ lunch time routine.
  • Price: $17.97 to $30.64
  • Customizable? Yes


52) Activity Tracker

  • What is it? A wristband you can use to track calories burned, distance moved, and more.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: It will tell them exactly how much their walk breaks are adding up.
  • Price: $33.96 to $37.95
  • Customizable? Yes


53) S’mores To Go


  • What is it? This delicious marshmallow gift will arrive accompanied by Belgium milk chocolates, Italian vanilla wafer cookies, and roasting sticks for the full campfire experience.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: Your team will love this quick and easy snack deconstructed or combined as a delicious smores snack. It’s great for a burst of sugar or some much-needed comfort on a stressful day.
  • Price: $44+
  • Customizable? No


54) Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set


  • What is it? Acupressure mats are a time tested way to help relieve sore muscles, reduce headaches, tension and stress from your body without having to do anything more than just laying on them.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: When your employees don’t have time or simply don’t want to go for a massage, a walk, or to destress; they can use this mat and matching pillow while watching tv, doing work, or anywhere to help them relax and regain their focus.
  • Price: $34.99
  • Customizable? No


Bonus: The MATTER Science Box

  • What is it? MATTER is a subscription box for curious minds. Each month, you’ll receive a collection of materials, objects, specimens, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our accessible universe.
  • Why employees working from home will love this: Part museum, part laboratory, perfect for unlocking the mad scientist in all of us!
  • Price: $25.00
  • Customizable? No


Summer Gifts For Employees

Summer gifts for employees are items that will help them enjoy the warmest part of the year. Your employees spend so much of their time inside so providing them with a reason to get outside and enjoy the fresh air will be a welcomed sight.


55) Summer Sport Kit

  • What is it? The Summer Sport Kit is your ticket to summer fun in and outside of the office. From eco-friendly items to leisure ones, this summer swag box will be an absolute hit with your team.
  • Why employees love this summer gift: The Summer Sport Kit includes high-quality items that your employee will want to use and enjoy as they keep life cool in the summer heat!
  • Price: $44.11
  • Customizable? Yes


56) Snack + Coffee Box


  • What is it? An expertly curated gift box jam-packed with 12 snacks including chips, bars, jerky, sweets, and more. Plus, a 12-ounce package of ground coffee from Palindrome Coffee Co., a premium coffee blend offered exclusively by Caroo!
  • Why employees love this summer gift: Your employees can enjoy the contents of this team productivity gift from wherever they are working. Whether in the office, at their desk, or brewing up a cup of coffee at home — employees will feel energized to seize the day.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes


57) Pocket CooliePocket-Coolie

  • What is it? A convenient, portable insulator for all your cold and hot beverages.
  • Why employees love this summer gift: It’s the perfect way to have a delightfully cold beverage without turning your hand into an ice cube on a hot day.
  • Price: $0.93 to $7.15
  • Customizable? Yes


58) SimplyFit Cooling Towel


  • What is it? An above-average towel that dries quickly and even has a cooling touch.
  • Why employees love this summer gift: It delivers refreshment in towel form—the perfect reward after any workout or day at the beach.
  • Price: $4.36 to $9.58
  • Customizable? Yes


59) Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener


  • What is it? A stylish canvas case with a shoulder strap for the beer aficionado who loves to bring a trusty collection of brews.
  • Why employees love this summer gift: For a craft beer connoisseur, they’ll love to bring this beer caddy along with them as they unwind from a long week of work.
  • Price: $34.99
  • Customizable? Yes


60) BBQ Apron & SetBBQ-Set

  • What is it? A festive apron and grill set to make your next barbecue the event of the year!
  • Why employees love this summer gift: It makes grilling fun and easy by setting you up for success.
  • Price: $26.23 to $39.73
  • Customizable? Yes


Gifts For Hybrid Employees

Hybrid employee gifts are items that support a work from anywhere vibe. Like resilient amphibians who adapted to survive in both land and water, these hybrid workers adapted to work effectively in all environments. Gifts for hybrid staff workers are designed to be useful wherever work can get done.


61) Soothing Desktop Diffuser


  • What is it? This desktop diffuser is a 65 mL LED Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser that works with an outlet or USB. Its convenient size allows it to fit neatly on your desk while creating a pleasant aroma-filled environment to fill your workspace with whichever essential oil smell you prefer.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: This diffuser’s portability will have hybrid employees using this at both the office and while working from home. A unique team gift for hybrid employees, this item will help to soothe them during a particularly busy or stressful day of work.
  • Price: $28.22
  • Customizable? Yes


62) Unplugged Box

  • What is it? Energizing, healthy snacks, a fragrant cedarwood and coffee candle, a deck of playing cards, an enamel mug, and a gradient puzzle for a little brain busting fun – everything needed to fully “unplug” and recharge.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: The best way to show that you appreciate your hybrid staff members is with a gift that helps them to unwind and relax!
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes


63) Zipup HoodieZip-up-Hoodie

  • What is it? A comfortable and subtly stylish hoodie that comes in every color you could want.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: It’s an iconic hoodie that goes with absolutely everything.
  • Price: $26.40 to $73.14
  • Customizable? Yes


64) Tech Lovers Box

  • What is it? The Tech Lovers Box is the perfect gift box to help employees stay connected. Remote workers and distributed teams will be thrilled to open up these must-have items.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: With a cable organizer, blue-light-blocking glasses to protect the eyes against the damages of excessive screen time, a leather mousepad, a portable charger, and much more, tech lovers will be more than satisfied with this high-tech gift box. Perfect for engineering teams or busy customer service teams that could use the items very useful for day-to-day projects.
  • Customizable? Yes


65) Stylish Fleece


  • What is it? A rugged zip-up fleece jacket for multiple seasons and activities.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: It’s stylish and warm, but not too warm. They’ll love finally having a jacket they know they can pack for any trip and use when they go in and out of the office.
  • Price: $85.79 to $93.28
  • Customizable? Yes


Gifts For Newly Hired Employees

Gifts for newly hired employees are items you can send to make newbies feel welcomed and integrated into your team. These gifts can help employers nail the “first impression” and develop engaged new team members.


66) New Hire Pack


  • What is it? Your excited new employees will receive 8 – 9 items including office decor, productivity tools, and tech to assist with their workplace.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: This workspace box provides essentials for office productivity and mental wellness. It will let your team know they are appreciated and help them thrive in their jobs. It can also double as a thoughtful employee welcome kit for new team members to start their tenure off on the right foot.
  • Price: $90.01
  • Customizable? Yes


67) Icebreaker Box

Caroo-Icebreaker-Box- 500

  • What is it? A new employee welcome kit designed to break the ice with an assortment of premium snacks, icebreaker activities, and a DIY-cocktail kit that your new colleague will enjoy during their first meeting or team building event.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: They can enjoy a welcome to the team care package while getting to know the team the right way — with snacks.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes


68) Unisex Vintage Keeper Tank


  • What is it? A classic tank anyone can wear anywhere—from lounge time to gym time.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: It’s a wardrobe staple they’ll want to wear again and again.
  • Price: $54.55 to $86.73
  • Customizable? Yes


69) Letters to My Future Self


  • What is it? Pretty stationary people can use to write inspirational letters to their future selves.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: They’ll learn new things about themselves as they write the letters and also when they re-read them years from now.
  • Price: $12.28
  • Customizable? No


70) Welcome Back Box

  • What is it? The Welcome Back Box is a thoughtful bulk gift for employees and coworkers returning from an absence. Whether a pandemic, a sabbatical, or maternity leave required distance from the office, your employees will know they were missed.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: With assorted stickers, a custom branded laptop sleeve, a high-quality glass tumbler, a hat, socks, a hoodie sweatshirt, and other customizable swag, your team will be ready to get to work!
  • Customizable? Yes


71) Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar


  • What is it? An attractive take on a dry-erase calendar that will keep your current schedule top of mind.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: This non-digital master calendar will help them feel a little more zen about their busy days.
  • Price: $39.99+
  • Customizable? Yes


72) Painted Apple Airpods

  • What is it? Turn up the fun with this exclusive tech gift! This luxury tech present is for rewarding your team’s efforts throughout the year. Customize these with your company’s logo and color scheme for a truly unique corporate holiday gift.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: Not only will this be an item that they use on a daily basis, but it will be a one-of-a-kind employee gift that will leave a lasting impact.
  • Price: $480.00 to $566.67
  • Customizable? Yes


73) BTL SVC – Premium Handcrafted Cocktails Box

  • What is it? BTL SVC is the leader in premium cocktails for a reason. Handcrafted and a symbol of craftsmanship – each one is as unique as the individual who drinks it.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: These boxes have the WOW factor when opened. Your employees won’t know whether to display or drink them – probably both!
  • Price: $80
  • Customizable? Yes


74) Recovery KitRecovery-Kit

  • What is it? A recovery care package with everything employees need to bounce back from seasonal sniffles or a streak of late-night Christmas parties.
  • Why newly hired employees love this: They’ll love remembering they have this when they need it most.
  • Price: $11.57 to $16.24
  • Customizable? Yes


Personalized Gifts For Employees

Personalized gifts for employees are items you can add your own special touch to. The one-of-a-kind nature of these gifts gives them the potential to make a lasting impression.


75) Sport BottleSport-Bottle

  • Why employees love this personalized gift: It’s a colorful, customized way to keep hydrated.
  • Price: $6.46 to $8.75
  • Customizable? Yes


76) Personalized Golf Tees


  • What is it? A set of high quality golf tees inscribed with a personalized message or name of your choice. Perfect for a golf fan on your team.
  • Why employees love this personalized gift: Your coworkers will love opening this gift and seeing their custom golf tees!
  • Price: $8.00
  • Customizable? Yes


77) Giving PlateGiving-Plate

  • What is it? A plate you can have printed with a favorite recipe from your founder, CEO, or other company leader.
  • Why employees love this personalized gift: They’ll love discovering this recipe and feeling connected to everyone in the company each time they use the plate.
  • Price: $70.00+
  • Customizable? Yes


78) Towel & Resistance BandResistance-Band-Towel

  • What is it? A band that adds weightless resistance to a variety of workouts and also a towel you can use to freshen up after you’ve felt the burn.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It’s quality workout gear, but it takes up no space at all, so employees can keep it in even the smallest of work spaces.
  • Price: $5.45 to $8.40
  • Customizable? Yes


Christmas Gifts For Employees

Christmas gifts for employees are smile-producing items you’ll be excited to watch employees unwrap at holiday parties. End-of-year Christmas gifts provide a prime opportunity to show a little extra thoughtfulness.


79) Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  • What is it? The perfect combo of sweet and salty that spans the spectrum of flavors! These chocolate covered pretzels include three delicious flavors: milk chocolate, sprinkles, and yogurt.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: No matter their preference for sweets versus savory snacks these would be a great option to satisfy any craving they might have.
  • Price: $13.72 to $16.13
  • Customizable? Yes


80) De Lux Twilight Towers

  • What is it? A delicious assortment of chocolates, pretzels, and gourmet sweets in sleek, holiday packaging.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: This employee holiday gift makes a statement. Not only does it show off the luxury ingredients, but the sweets will be gone before they even know it!
  • Price: $35.81 to $48.52
  • Customizable? Yes


81) Holiday Spirit

  • What is it? Tis’ the season of employee satisfaction! The Holiday Spirit Box is the perfect bulk employee gift for this holiday season that features a bottle of fine wine, a wireless speaker to play your holiday songs, a gradient puzzle, a camping mug, a fragrant candle, and other highly customizable swag.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: This isn’t your Aunt’s fruitcake! This care package is an excellent way to mark the end of another strong year with a handful of high-quality items that employees won’t want to re-gift. They’ll want to take home, unbox, and enjoy the merry holiday season.
  • Customizable? Yes


82) Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe Sweet Box

Nellie's Sweet Shoppe Sweet Box

  • What is it? A delicious box of your favorite baked good sweets including fudge, chocolates, taffy, and caramels.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: Your employees with a sweet tooth will enjoy these delectable desserts made with quality ingredients.
  • Price: $33.00
  • Customizable: Yes – nut free option


83) The Beatles Jigsaw Puzzle


  • What is it? A sizable puzzle printed with the album covers from the acclaimed discography of The Beatles.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gif: It provides the perfect quick break remote employees need. Instead of strolling around the office, employees can add a few pieces to their puzzle of the legendary rock band.
  • Price: $41.74 to $64.99
  • Customizable? No


84) Desk Gem Humidifier



  • What is it? This helpful device replenishes the moisture in the air to keep your head from drying out.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It will help them feel a constant sense of refreshment.
  • Price: $54.37 to $72.28
  • Customizable? Yes


85) Hot Mess ApronHot-Mess-Apron

  • What is it? A classic home chef’s apron with clean lines that comes in a variety of colors.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It just makes cooking a little bit more fun.
  • Price: $10.03 to $26.90
  • Customizable? Yes


86) 16 Piece Truffle Box


  • What is it? This truffle box comes in several different varieties of sweet milk and dark chocolate truffles for a total of 16 delightful bites.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It’s a delicious (and fun) way to enjoy the holiday! Not to mention it can be customized if you are planning to order your client Christmas gifts in bulk.
  • Price: Click here to request pricing detials
  • Customizable? Yes


87) Appetites: A Cookbook


  • What is it? A master cookbook and foodie knowledge base from the late “bad boy of cooking,” Anthony Bourdain.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: Even employees who never cook will love the colorful insight into interesting foods and cultures.
  • Price: $23.99
  • Customizable? No


Gifts For Employees Under $10

Gifts for employees under $10 are perfect to hand out anytime you want to celebrate special days, achievements, or just give employees a surprise and a reason to smile. A small gift every once in a while helps remind employees they’re valued.


88) Fidget Spinner

  • What is it? Who doesn’t love an awesome fidget spinner? AND one that is designed to represent your brand?
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: They can discreetly fiddle through Zoom meetings, or share with the kiddos to keep ‘em occupied for hours!
  • Price: $1.49 to $5.44
  • Customizable? Yes


89) Core Sliders


  • What is it? These dual-sided gliding discs can be used on both carpet and hard floor surfaces for an endless variety of exercises.
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: Versatility. These core sliders can help them work out their core using a variety of exercises to target each part of their core from the lower abdominals to the upper abs.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Customizable? Yes


90) Sock Club Subscription

Sock Subscription Club

  • What is it? Say it with a Sock makes their socks to create the most comfortable wearing experience that you have to try to believe. Each month Say it with a Sock will send you a package with fun, brand name and high-quality socks.
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: This attention-grabbing gift is guaranteed to be a conversation sparker. Uniquely crazy socks are an excellent way to accent your professional wardrobe and there can not be a better pair of socks.
  • Price: $10.00/month
  • Customizable? No


91) High Density Speckled Foam Roller

  • What is it? This compact foam roller helps reduce back pain, leg cramps, and muscle tension for any employee while fitting easily under their desk.
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: This foam roller can be used at any point in their workout. Whether it be at the start during the stretching portion or in the middle of the work out.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Customizable? Yes


92) Hiking LogbookHiking-Book

  • What is it? A go-to log for keeping track of all your hikes. Copy down the weather, the location of your hike, and so much more.
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: It’s a wonderful way to look back and remember every specific detail of every glorious hike.
  • Price: $6.99
  • Customizable? No


93) Tetris Refrigerator MagnetsTetris-Magnets

  • What is it? A set of colorful, handy magnets and an interlocking puzzle in one.
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: It turns the surface of a refrigerator into a game.
  • Price: $7.95
  • Customizable? No


Virtual Gifts For Employees

Virtual gifts for employees are online items that don’t require shipping to create a sense of celebration and make employees feel special. These corporate gifts are important to send on special occasions when you’ve run out of time to make a physical purchase but still want to send a meaningful gift.


94) Kindle eGift cardKindle-Card

  • What is it? An emailable gift card people can use to buy anything on Amazon Kindle.
  • Why employees love this virtual gift: It will prompt them to finally buy all those books they’ve been meaning to read.
  • Price: Choose your amount
  • Customizable: Yes; choose from different card designs


95) DoorDash Email Gift CardDoordash-Gift-Card

  • What is it? An emailable gift card for door-to-door delivery of meals and treats.
  • Why employees love this virtual gift: They’ll love the luxurious feeling of premium delivery.
  • Price: Choose your amount
  • Customizable: No


96) Uber Email Gift CardUber-Eats-Gift-Card

  • What is it? An emailable gift card to use on Uber transportation or Uber Eats.
  • Why employees love this virtual gift: A complimentary ride or two gives everyone a taste of the star treatment. Also great as a corporate gifting idea!
  • Price: Choose your amount
  • Customizable? No


97) Educated: A Memoir on Kindle


  • What is it? A best-selling and critically acclaimed memoir about one woman’s journey from the wilderness to the world’s most prestigious schools.
  • Why employees love this virtual gift: This engrossing memoir features plenty of conversation starters for the next company party.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Customizable? No


98) Downloadable/Printable Motivational Quote Poster


  • What is it? A minimalist poster you can customize with any motivational quote and send to recipients for easy downloading, printing, and framing.
  • Why employees love this virtual gift: It provides a constant source of inspiration.
  • Price: $4
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Unlocked from The Escape Game

  • What is it? TEG Unlocked is an online escape room. Players can log in from any device to receive their mission, and use their online dashboard and digital evidence to crack the code and solve the case!
  • Why employees love this gift under $10: Similar to an escape room, this online adventure game has all the fun and puzzle-solving you would expect from The Escape Game, packaged in a completely online format that allows players to go at their own pace. This can be played individually or as a team!
  • Price: $10 per player
  • Customizable? No

Pro-Tip: Level up your next remote employee gift box with a curated one-of-a-kind employee care package through Caroo!


Gift Baskets For Employees

Gift baskets for employees are stylishly packaged gift selections combined to make one super gift. These assortments help show employees you know them well enough to think of not just one, but many items they might love.


99) Garden Gift Basket Plant-Garden-Basket


  • What is it? A gardener’s super-basket filled with seeds, gloves, shears, and everything you need to start earning your green thumb.
  • Why employees love this: They’ve always been curious about gardening. Now they have everything they need to give it a try.
  • Price: $99
  • Customizable? No


100) “Office Essentials” Swag in a Box

Products to include:

Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.

  • What is it? A gift box packed full of stylish office must-haves.
  • Why employees love this: They’ll love using office supplies they actually like instead of whatever they have on hand. They’ll also use the branded items which are a great way to build brand awareness as a real-life marketing gift.
  • Price: About $14 – $42
  • Customizable? Yes


101) “Good to Go” Swag in a Box


Products to include:

Note: We’ve provided ideas for theme boxes, but you can choose anything from to put in a box of your own invention.

  • What is it? A box full of company swag that people can use to eat and drink while on the go.
  • Why employees love this: It provides endless convenience when it’s time for cookouts, picnics, birthday parties, road trips, and more.
  • Price: About $71 – $143
  • Customizable? Yes


102) Cupcake Decorating Class

  • What is it? A custom holiday cupcake kit that includes 4+ freshly baked cupcakes, pastry bags filled with frosting, and a special blend of confectionaries to have a cupcake decorating class all over Zoom.
  • Why employees love this: It’s easy, no stress, and they get sweet treats at the end. Talk about an employee holiday gift that has it all!
  • Customizable? Yes


103) Paradise Delivered Premium Box

  • What is it? Your Vacation in a Box. Enjoy bath and beauty products, trending fashion accessories, best-selling books and more exciting surprises.
  • Why employees love this: A spa-inspired staycation right in the comfort of your home!
  • Price: $37.50
  • Customizable? No


104) Hummingbird Garden Kit


  • What is it? Everything you need to grow beautiful flowers that also attract hummingbirds.
  • Why employees love this: The sight of all the flowers and all those adorable hummingbirds will always put a smile on their face.
  • Price: $44.95+
  • Customizable? No

Pro-Tip: If you are looking for more gift basket ideas, check out SnackNation’s 10 Best Corporate Gift Baskets For All Business Gifting Occasions


Gifts For Employees Celebrating An Anniversary

Gifts for employees celebrating a work anniversary are special tokens, usually with a sentimental or celebratory value. These thoughtful gifts help employees mark work milestones and make them more special than ever.


105) Classic Champagne Flute

  • What is it? A delicate vessel for champagne or your favorite bubbly beverage.
  • Why employees love this: They’ll love using it during every special “toast” year after year.
  • Price: $4.68 to $23.86
  • Customizable? Yes


106) Truffle Oil Gift Box


  • What is it? An expertly curated gift box containing three best selling truffle oils; Black Truffle Oil, White Truffle Oil & English Truffle Oil.
  • Why employees love this: They shave the highest quality truffles & expertly blend them with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil — a true gourmet cooking item that will be a staple of their kitchen.
  • Price: $34.95
  • Customizable? No


107) Camping Hammock


  • What is it? A portable hammock that’s rugged enough for outdoor adventures.
  • Why employees love this: It’s relaxation you can pack neatly into a bag and take anywhere.
  • Price: $29.95 – $39.95
  • Customizable? No


108) Engraved Spoon


  • What is it? A cute collectible spoon you can have engraved with any message you want.
  • Why employees love this: They’ll smile each time they grab this spoon and re-read your heartfelt message.
  • Price: $11.99
  • Customizable? Yes


109) Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set


  • What is it? This giftable set lets you grow, steep, and sip your own herbal tea.
  • Why employees love this: Made in the US, this kit has everything you would need to start your own self-care ritual!
  • Price: $40.99
  • Customizable? Yes


110) Woodburning KitWoodburning-Kit


  • What is it? Tools and instructions to teach employees the ancient art of burning images onto wood.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It gives them a chance to fulfill their artistic side using a medium they’ve probably never tried before.
  • Price: $24.76
  • Customizable? No


111) Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide to the Globe


  • What is it? A comprehensive account of locations and landmarks accented with fun facts and colorful illustrations for the traveler on your team.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: They’ll love growing their vacation destination list and reading about fascinating places as they wait to take their trips.
  • Price: $29.42
  • Customizable? No


112) Leather Hanging File Organizer


  • What is it? A stylish holster that lets you use magazines, folios, and books as chic decorations instead of clutter.
  • Why employees love this Christmas gift: It helps them do the impossible: Turn clutter into wall decor.
  • Price: $59.89
  • Customizable? No


Shippable Experiences For Employees

Shippable experiences for employees are a gift + activity combination designed to allow employees to bond and engage with each other by participating in a fun event of your choosing. Regardless of their proximity to each other, your employees can pick them up from their doorstep, log onto Zoom, and start things up in minutes.

While there are a number of zoom-related activities out there, shippable experiences are a good example of adding a tangible component to better help employees enjoy some time together outside of meetings, the office, and work-related responsibilities.


113) Beer Making Kit with Online Class

Beer Making Kit web

  • What is it? A beginner’s homebrew kit that includes live, online instruction and everything needed to make a case of craft beer from home.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: This kit comes with live instruction alongside a professional homebrewer, so everyone can ask questions throughout the entire brewing process. Plus, nothing stands out quite like the gift of a new skill!
  • Price: $135
  • Customizable? No


114) Virtual Mixology Class


  • What is it? A talented mixologist will lead you through a virtual experience practicing master mixology techniques, cocktail pairings, and crafting two delicious beverages to enjoy with coworkers.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: Whether you choose to bring-you-own ingredients or receive a shippable kit with provided materials — they’ll love the opportunity to connect with coworkers in a relaxed environment.
  • Customizable? Yes


115) Origami Class


  • What is it? A workshop for employees to chat, bond, and learn how to fold amazing origami designs with a master guide leading you through simple to moderate works of art.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: It’s unique! Employees will try something they most likely have little to no experience with and this activity can be a great chance to engage with their colleagues in a fun and positive setting.
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Watercolor Painting Class


  • What is it? Complete with a watercolor paint kit shipped directly to your employees’ homes, this shippable experience allows employees to exercise some creative freedom through a lively virtual setting.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: An expert art teacher will guide the group through an easy-to-follow demo that just about any employee can get into. Also, a perfect opportunity to add a little vino and make a night of it!
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Chocolate Truffle Making Kit + Class


  • What is it? A team building event for employees who have a sweet tooth. This shippable experience provides all the materials and guidance necessary to make delicious chocolate truffles with your team.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: The hands-on aspect of this virtual event makes it fun whether they are making homemade ganache, decorating their truffles, playing trivia and games, and of course chopping down on chocolatey goodness.
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Alo Moves Annual Subscription

  • What is it? 365 days’ access to the best online yoga, fitness, and meditation classes from Alo Moves.
  • Why hybrid employees love this gift: Hybrid employees will love the ability to stay at peak performance wherever they may be working. Whether they love to go to the gym before work, at lunch, or after close of business, this is the kind of hybrid employee perk that professionals want.
  • Price: $49
  • Customizable? No


Bonus: Italian Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class 

  • What is it? Put on your aprons, enter your kitchen, and whip up a delicious Italian meal with your employees. No cooking experience is needed as a professionally-trained chef will lead the group through preparation from start to delicious finish.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: It blends two of life’s best things: a fun and engaging activity paired with delicious Italian food.
  • Customizable? Yes


People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Employees

Q: How much should you spend on employee gifts?

Q: What are good employee Christmas gifts?

Q: Why should I give gifts to my employees?

  • A: Employee gifts boost morale. They express gratitude and make employees feel valued. Some surveys even suggest that employees see gifts as a reflection of how much a company values their work.

Q: Should I send gifts to my employees working from home?

  • A: People working from home may sometimes feel disconnected. Sending remote employees gifts is the perfect way to tangibly reconnect with these employees.

Q: What are some good employee gifts?

  • A: Good employee gifts combine thoughtfulness with function and fun. Some of the top gifts in this roundup include customizable apparel and accessories, wellness items, and gift boxes and baskets.

Q: What are some gender-neutral gifts for employees?

Q: How can I select gifts employees actually like?

  • A: Select gifts employees actually like by planning ahead. Take your time to find items appropriate for all occasions that suit a majority of your employees’ tastes and interests.

Q: Where can I find personalized gifts that aren’t cheesy?

  • A: This gifts for employees roundup includes a variety of personalized and/or customizable gifts—including hats, sneakers, and calendars—that have zero cheese factor.

Q: How can I make employee gifts special?

  • A: Adding personalizations and customizations is the perfect way to make even a highly functional gift, such as office supplies, special. This gift list includes a variety of practical items you can easily customize with messages, colors, and logos.

Q: How will I know if employees like my gift?

  • A: Add questions about your gift-giving to your annual employee survey. Encourage honesty. Gifts for employees are an investment, and as such, it’s perfectly reasonable to track their success and tweak your strategy to make sure your gifts are increasing employee morale and happiness.


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