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Top 10 Luxury Gift Boxes To Live The Good Life In 2022

By June 24, 2021 April 6th, 2022 No Comments

Everyone wants to live “The Good Life”. The question is: How do you define The Good Life?

Do you base it on gifts? Or experiences?

Perhaps an even better question is: How do you give someone else The Good Life?

Luxury Gift Boxes

What “The Good Life” generally means to most people is luxury — enjoying those guilty pleasures that go beyond the things we necessarily need. And one of the best ways to give a luxury experience is by gifting luxury gift boxes.

If you want to offer a wine tasting, a spa day, a Hawaiian vacation, or another experience, there’s a box for that. In fact, we’ve curated the top 10 luxury gift boxes for 2022, so you can offer your clients, coworkers, employees, friends, or family the best of the best!

To give them a taste of The Good Life, check out our list of the creme de la creme of the gift box world.

Who Would You Like To Give Gifts To?

Clients & Customers Employees

Top 10 Luxury Gift Boxes For 2022

1. Concierge Employee Care Package

The Concierge Employee Care Package is a fully customizable care package for year-round premium experiences. From unforgettable team-building memory-making to healthy, yummy snacks and other gourmet goodies, the Concierge Employee Care Package is an absolute treat for anyone who receives this build-your-own luxury gift box.

Where to find it: This self-curated luxury care package is eligible for larger groups. Take a 60-second quiz to see which personalized option is right for your team!


2. Luxury Spa Gift Set

Spa day? More like Spa YAY! because who doesn’t like to be pampered? The Luxury Spa Gift Set is a perfect Mother’s Day gift, gift for boss babes, and present for anyone who is in serious need of some TLC.

If this stress-relieving, self-care gift set is a surprise, you can’t go wrong with either option, but you could also give the recipient a couple of choices. The first version comes with a citrus soap bar, ylang ylang orange Soap, an eye mask, a cosmetic bag, a lemongrass bath salt jar, grapefruit body scrub, a shower streamer, a large bath bomb, a clay facial mask, a scented candle, grapefruit shea butter, grapefruit body oil, lip balm, a sponge, a face towel, and a greeting card.

The second option has many of the same delights as the first; however, it also comes with a lavender soap bar, a Himalayan natural soap bar, lavender bath salt, lavender body scrub, lavender shea butter, and lavender body oil. Every item in the Luxury Spa Gift Set is made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils! This is a perfect baby shower gift, bridesmaid gift, or bridal party gift.

Where to find it: Nirvana? That’s where they’ll find themselves — but seriously, the Luxury Spa Gift Set can be found right here on Etsy!


3. The High Roller


The High Roller is the high-quality luxury gift box for high-quality people! While getting any gift is nice, this luxe gift is a gesture that says, “I value you.” Get the High Roller for your most important relationships. This extra swaggy swag pack features a Nike Featherlight Cap, insert cards, an Ember Smart Mug, a Peter Millar quarter-zip sweater, and the Lifepack — a solar powered and anti-theft backpack .

This particular collection of apparel and tools will help ensure life is smooth sailing. As a sidenote, the High Roller is an ideal gift for Father’s Day.

Where to find it: Start unboxing this swag pack to join the ranks of the High Rollers!


4. Wild Child Wine Gift Box

Wild Child Wine Gift Box is essentially a full-fledged winery in a box for the connoisseurs out there. With eight varieties of wine under their label, Wild Child derives its name for their unique, free-spirited, full-bodied flavors. Whether you want to offer them a luxurious virtual wine tasting or an in-person tasting, this sophisticated gift box has you covered.

Some of the Wild Child wines include La Pluma, which comes from a thin-skinned grape that originates from Sardinia; Gewurtztraminer, which stems from a sweet, tropical, rosy, and pineapple-flavored cool-climate grape; Rose of Sangiovese, an acidic pale pink rose with a hint of passion fruit and Barbera, an everyday drinking wine from the Piedmont Region of Italy. The Wild Child Wine Gift Box is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, holiday gift, and corporate gift.

Where to find it: For a year-round winery experience your friends, family, clients, or coworkers can enjoy, rotate between these Wild Child wines.


5. EarthLove

EarthLove is an eco-friendly luxury gift box for the earth-conscious. This assortment of sustainably produced products includes vegan beauty items, insightful books, zero waste swaps, and much more.

Where to find it: For a perfectly balanced collection of aromatherapy, gardening, tea, wildcrafting, wellness, apothecary, beauty, home decor, and more items that will have a high impact on the recipient and a low impact on the environment, give EarthLove a try.


6. Luxury Domino Set

The Luxury Domino Set is made of natural wood and baltic amber! This luxury countertop game is a great gift for friends, coworkers, employees, and really anyone who likes to have fun and indulge in the Good Life at the same time. The Luxury Domino Set is handmade and features a cognac-colored amber mosaic.

Where to find it: This luxury tabletop game houses the amber chips and the inner compartment is covered in velvet.


7. Vices – Luxury Gift Box

This monthly luxury subscription box is the perfect opportunity for the recipient to figure out what they love most about the high life. Vices delivers fine wines, toys, spirits, tools, foods, and tech worthy of Agent 07. In addition to receiving luxe cocktail kits, gourmet spices, and products that make life easier, the Luxury Gift Box

Where to find it: Vices is delivered monthly and includes an editorial book that explains how each product was curated!


8. Aloha – Made In Maui

When you think of paradise, the first image that comes to mind is probably a tropical island. That’s why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Lush volcanic mountains, surfing, luaus, ukuleles, and Polynesian culture — how do you capture all of this in a gift? The answer is Aloha — Made In Maui!

Aloha — Made In Maui is perfect for work anniversaries, promotions, retirement gifts, and much more. This amazing luxury gift box includes Hawaiian shortbread macadamia nut cookies, Hawaii Maui Pancake Co. banana macadamia nut pancake mix, and Maui Coffee Co. whole bean coffee.

It is also packed with hand-selected Hawaiian Islands Mango Maui Tea, macadamia blossom honey, chocolate macadamia nuts, manoa chocolate, a handmade essential oil candle from tropical fruits and flowers, a hand painted gourd ornament, and much more.

Where to find it: For a Hawaiian virtual escape, head to Maui with the Aloha – Made In Maui Luxury Box.


9. Frequent Flier Pack

The Frequent Flier Pack is perfect for your jetsetting friend or coworker. For the ever-on-the-go, this swag pack is an absolute gamechanger. Whether they’re on a regular vacation or a work vacation, this travel kit includes many items that will make the frequent flier lifestyle much easier, such as the Onyx Bottle, a waterproof toiletry case, die cut stickers, bolt organic energy chews, and tech combo earbuds and wireless charging pad.

Where to find it: You’ll most likely find the Frequent Flier Pack in the hands of the most comfortable person on the red eye; but besides that, you can find this luxury travel kit on SwagUp.


10. Wooden Watch Box

The Wooden Watch Box is a natural Acacia wooden box to store watches and luxury accessories. In fact, this durable luxe storage box features five different compartments for a variety of watches, wallets, glasses, phones, and smaller compartments for keychains, headphones, and other trinkets. The removable dividers also make this Wooden Watch Box easy to clean and wipe down.

Where to find it: The Wooden Watch Box is a natural storage box ideal for organizing and concealing valuables!


People Also Ask These Questions About Luxury Gift Boxes

Q: What kind of items are usually in a luxury gift box?

  • A: The kind of items you will usually find in a luxury gift box go beyond basic needs and are more the types of items that fall into the want category. After all, the point of luxury is that it’s excessive because the gift is about thriving instead of just surviving. Another important element is that the gift packaging itself. Luxury gift boxes need to look the part.

Q: Where can you buy luxury gift boxes to send to multiple addresses?

  • A: You can buy luxury gift boxes to send to multiple addresses through several sites. The main thing you want to look out for is that the luxury gift boxes are high quality and ideally contain unique gift ideas.

Q: What can I put in a luxury gift box?

  • A: You can put anything you’d like into a luxury gift box. The main thing is that the items you choose to put in a luxury gift box make the person you’re planning on giving it to feel like they’re living the good life.

Q: Are there gift boxes made for VIPs?

  • A: Yes, there are gift boxes made for VIPs and the best luxury gift boxes make everyone who receives them feel like a VIP.

Q: What luxury gift box companies can I use for a bulk order?

  • A: Many companies that sell luxury gift boxes already offer bulk orders; however, it’s always good to look for companies that specialize in multi-address bulk orders of luxury goods. This way if there are any logistical problems, they are used to handling these types of issues.

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