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Top 15 Best HR Newsletters For Busy Human Resource Professionals In 2022 [Upgrade Your Inbox]

By May 2, 2022 June 13th, 2022 No Comments

With so many HR blogs and newsletters out there, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find an HR newsletter that best fits your needs.

Whether you’re a veteran HR professional or just beginning your HR career, finding the right HR or Business newsletter helps keep you informed, engaged, and active in the HR community.

We’ve done you a solid and saved you hours of research by scouring the internet to find the best HR Newsletters currently in circulation.

Read on to see our round-up of the top 15 HR newsletters to keep busy human resources professionals like you up to date on all things people related!

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List of 15 of the Best HR Newsletters

1) The Assist

“Your Shortcut to Success”

The Assist is one of our favorite HR newsletters for so many reasons. Whether you’re just starting your career or you’ve reached veteran status, the Assist has relevant tips and information for you. Looking for ways to reduce stress at work? Or how to be a highly effective professional? The Assist sends the latest HR trends and tools directly to your inbox in a casual and digestible newsletter format.

Why we love this HR newsletter: The Assist delivers valuable information in a fun way! Some HR newsletters may feel a bit dry or overly prescriptive, but the Assist does a great job of keeping things light while still arming their readers with tools for success. The Assist kills it at keeping their newsletter relevant, engaging, and most importantly, useful.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Professional Development, Job Postings & Culture.

When to expect it? Weekly newsletter straight to your inbox.

Where to sign up: Enter your email here and click Subscribe.


2) Bonusly

“A Deep Dive into All Things HR”


Bonusly, at its core, is an HR tool focused on helping companies reward and recognize their employees so that they continue to be motivated & engaged. In addition to their employee recognition software, Bonusly also offers a ton of other valuable resources including a bi-weekly newsletter containing fresh insights on company culture, HR best practices, and keeping your team energized.

Why we love this HR newsletter: From articles focused on how crucial the onboarding process is to employee success to how best to celebrate important work anniversaries, Bonusly has an extensive resource library right at your fingertips. Bonusly’s HR newsletter delivers helpful articles, tips, and tricks all centered around building a strong company culture and keeping employees happy, engaged, and productive.

These are some of our favorite free guides and downloadables from Bonusly to check out:

What this HR newsletter is best at: Culture, Employee Engagement & Retention Tips.

When to expect it? Bi-weekly newsletter. They also have an extensive blog page as well so you can browse helpful articles at your leisure.

Where to sign up: Enter your email into the Subscribe section on this page.


3) Granted

“The Psychology Behind Motivated Professionals”


Adam Grant, a psychologist, professor and New York Times bestselling author, offers a unique newsletter that provides monthly insights on how to find meaning and motivation not only in the workplace, but in your personal life as well. With over 100,000 readers, Adam Grant’s newsletter contains impactful takeaways that encourage self-reflection and growth.

Why we love this HR newsletter: This newsletter reads less like a traditional HR newsletter and more like exchanging emails with your super smart friend. His newsletter topics range from pop culture references to existential questions. You never know what kind of work and psychology ideas or topics the next newsletter will cover, which keeps your inbox fresh!

What this HR newsletter is best at: Culture, Leadership & Professional Development.

When to expect it? Monthly newsletter.

Where to sign up: Click here and enter your email address in the Subscribe box at the top.


4) People First

“Emphasizing the Human in Human Resources”

People First by Compt offers a curated monthly HR newsletter that highlights the most important HR products, people, and innovations. They truly do put People First when constructing their newsletter content. They offer book recommendations, virtual event recommendations, and more to help you become the best professional possible while also still prioritizing your overall well-being.

Why we love this HR newsletter: People First tackles relevant and timely people-focused topics including employee burnout, how to set up remote employees for success, how to prevent employee burnout and the importance of mental health support in the workplace. Their newsletter covers not only emerging HR trends, but also helpful stats, articles and people leaders for inspiration.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Trending HR News, Retention Tips, & Professional Development.

When to expect it?: Highly curated monthly newsletter.

Where to sign up: Enter your email here and click Subscribe.


5) SelectSoftware Reviews

“HR Software Experts”

SelectSoftware Reviews does a ton of the hard work on your behalf by scouting the best existing and emerging HR & recruiting software platforms. Whether you’re looking to outsource some HR functionality or sharpen your internal HR skills & competencies, SelectSoftware has vetted the best platform to meet your particular business needs.

Why we love this HR newsletter: This newsletter is the perfect fit for the HR data/tech nerds out there (using nerds as a term of endearment, of course). They offer insights into the latest trends and highlight the software that will provide the most value based on your specific needs or priorities. Some HR software category examples include Talent Sourcing, Employee Engagement Software, and Talent Acquisition Software.

What this HR newsletter is best at: HR Tools & Software recommendations,  Recruiting Tips, & Trending HR News.

When to expect it? Weekly newsletter containing HR insights.

Where to sign up: Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address.


6) Workology

“HR One Stop Shop”

Workology is the brainchild of Jessica Miller-Marrell, who has been featured in Vogue and Forbes, for her work. Workology seeks to disrupt the status-quo as it relates to workplace, leadership, and HR.  Their site helps empower industry leaders with the tools needed to usher the workplace into a more innovative and productive era, with a core focus on the people.

Why we love this HR newsletter: Workology’s newsletter provides readers with special access to case studies, webcasts, educational/training courses, and valuable articles on making the most of your HR and Recruitment teams. Their main focus is around recruitment, so keep them in mind when strategizing on how to recruit the best talent and welcome them to the team.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Trending HR News, Leadership & Recruiting Tips.

When to expect it?  3 times or less per month.

Where to sign up: Easily subscribe here.


7) I <3 Humans

“Resources for Humans”

Lattice is an HR software platform that offers quite a few different product solutions including Performance, Engagement, and Analytic offerings. Their newsletter’s backbone is their community of people leaders who share meaningful stories, helpful HR resources, and encourage conversation.

Why we love this HR newsletter: We love their people-focused approach! Company success is achieved through its people. In their weekly newsletter, you get inspirational HR stories delivered straight to your inbox, along with other amazing resources and content. Looking for more support beyond their newsletter? Their community also offers a magazine with curated HR articles, a free Slack channel to exchange ideas with other HR professionals, and even a Job Board to find the next big step in your HR career.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Upcoming Events/Conferences, Job Postings & Trending HR News.

When to expect it?  Weekly newsletter.

Where to sign up: Sign up here to read this weekly newsletter for human resources news!


8) TLNT Daily

“HR News & Trends”

TLNT is a leading HR resource website that houses an extensive HR article archive that’s continually kept refreshed and relevant. They take a business approach to HR and ensure their readers are well versed in HR news and insights by disseminating information from top leaders in HR and People Management.

Why we love this HR newsletter: TLNT’s newsletter covers a wide variety of HR categories, keeping you up to date on emerging trends in topics such as HR technology/software, professional development training, and HR management. One of their goals is to keep you up to date on HR news, trends, & insights all from the convenience of 1 newsletter delivered to your inbox each weekday.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Employee Engagement, Trending HR News, & Culture.

When to expect it? As the name suggests, this is a daily newsletter (weekdays only).

Where to sign up: Enter your info to subscribe.



“Industry Leader in HR”

SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, strives to create better workplaces by encouraging alignment between companies and their employees. They do this by elevating the HR profession and empowering HR leaders with the data, trends, and analytics to continually improve how they do their jobs.

Why we love this HR newsletter: We love the flexibility and choices that SHRM’s newsletter subscription settings offer. Whether you’re looking only to receive daily updates on HR news, trends and data, or you prefer a weekly recap format HR News plus HR technology, or you want a monthly Global HR update about workplace law– There is a topic and a frequency that will work for everyone.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Trending HR News, Leadership, & Professional Development.

When to expect it?  You can pick the frequency! Receive newsletter updates every weekday or once a week.

Where to sign up: Browse their newsletter options and pick the best fit for you.


10) HR Dive

“Deep Dive into HR”

HR Dive is a comprehensive HR website that functions as a database for a wide range of HR topics including Compliance, Talent, Comp & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion and HR Management. Their site and newsletter offerings are great resources for both new and veteran HR professionals alike.

Why we love this HR newsletter: HR Dive offers a variety of newsletter options, so you can select the frequency and the HR topic that best suits your particular needs. They offer the Daily Dive, which is a Monday-Friday daily newsletter highlighting the latest HR news & trends. Or if your focus is geared towards welcoming new employees and announcing new hires to the team, you may be more interested in their Talent Daily newsletter focused on talent recruitment and retention.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Recruiting Tips, Retention Tips & Culture.

When to expect it?  Both daily and weekly options are available depending on the topic.

Where to sign up: Click here, enter your email address, and subscription preferences to sign up.


11) Recruiting Brainfood

“Feeding your Recruitment Brain”

Snacking isn’t just for those office breaks. Your brain needs (metaphorical) food too! Recruitment Brainfood strives to ensure they’re keeping recruiter and HR professional’s brains full with helpful recruitment, talent management, and industry insights each week!

Why we love this HR newsletter: This newsletter is geared specifically towards recruiters. The weekly newsletters contain valuable recruiting tips and HR content to help recruiters find and secure top talent hires. In addition to their newsletter, Brainfood also hosts Brainfood Live every Friday and releases the Recruiting Brainfood Podcast where they chat weekly with top recruiters.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Recruiting Tips, Job Postings, & Upcoming Events/Conferences.

When to expect it?: Weekly curated newsletter delivered every Sunday.

Where to sign up: Enter your information under the ‘Join the Community’ header to subscribe.


12) Onrec

“Ultimate Online Recruitment Resource”

Onrec is an online recruitment resource site for HR professionals and recruiters to stay up to date on recruitment industry news, trends, and events. Their newsletter provides daily HR news and recruitment updates, a contact directory, and listings for upcoming recruitment events.

Why we love this HR newsletter: Onrec’s newsletter isn’t only for recruiters. Yes, its focus is recruitment, but it also covers hot HR topics such as remote working, employee mental health, and the rise in freelance careers amongst young adults.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Recruiting Tips, Job Postings, & Trending HR News.

When to expect it? Daily newsletter updates to your inbox.

Where to sign up: Click here, scroll down to the blue box, and enter your email address to subscribe.


13) Wavelength 

“Get Your Team on the Same Wavelength”

Wavelength is a periodical publication by Asana focused on keeping teams who aspire for greatness inspired to do so. Their focus is on reducing workplace chaos by bringing clarity and alignment to teams in turmoil. They pull insights from industry leaders to curate their publication and provide helpful articles and a resource database for HR professionals and leaders alike.

Why we love this HR newsletter: While this publication is obviously helpful for HR leaders, it can also be a fantastic resource for really anybody in a leadership or management position. Some recent Wavelength issues include: 10 Ways to Build an Inclusive Onboarding Experience, Mastering Productivity, Managing & Leading Teams, and the Work-Rest Fractal.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Productivity, Employee Engagement & Leadership.

When to expect it? Periodical publication with new posts delivered to your inbox.

Where to sign up: Check out their latest newsletter here and enter your email in the top right corner to subscribe.


14) Evil HR Lady

“Demystifying HR”

Suzanne Lucas is the author behind the Evil HR Lady blog and she has a lot to say about the underbelly of HR. The goal of her blog is to demystify the HR department and provide some clarity on tough HR topics such as payroll, discrimination, and hostile work environments. She candidly pulls back the curtain and shares HR process information that not everyone is typically privy to.

Why we love this HR newsletter:  Evil HR Lady is like having a BFF who works in HR and can give you the inside scoop on why HR makes the decisions they do. The blog also provides insightful articles on workplace culture, productivity and professional development. We also love the Submit a Question feature on her site where you can submit any burning questions via email.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Culture, Employee Engagement & Professional Development.

When to expect it? Periodic blog post format. Subscribe to get blog post notifications via email.

Where to sign up: Click here and sign up under the Subscribe to Blog by Email section on the right.


15) SmartBrief Daily on Workforce

“Essential Reading for HR Professionals”

Rather than spending hours scouring the internet for the best HR articles and news updates, let SmartBrief do that work on your behalf. SmartBrief Daily on Workforce provides daily updates on essential reading for HR professionals pulled from leading industry sources such as Bloomberg Businessweek.

Why we love this HR newsletter: We love that SmartBrief sends only the best and most reliable HR news articles your way, saving you time and keeping you informed. Topics include employee online learning, how to talk compensation, and strategic risk-taking.

What this HR newsletter is best at: Trending HR News, HR Tools & Software, and Culture.

When to expect it?: HR daily news summary.

Where to sign up: Enter your email address on this site to subscribe.

People Also Ask These Questions About HR Newsletters

Q: What makes an HR newsletter good?

  • A: A good HR newsletter provides relevant and useful HR content directly to your inbox. A good HR newsletter should contain relevant news and HR insights specific to your interests and professional focus.

Q: What are the benefits of signing up for an HR newsletter?

  • A: One of the main benefits of signing up for an HR newsletter is that is saves you time and energy. Rather than searching the internet for helpful HR news articles, you can have the most relevant HR news delivered straight to your inbox by selecting the best newsletters that work for you.

Q: What kind of content goes into an HR newsletter?

  • A: Common HR newsletter content includes trending HR news, emerging HR software, and workplace culture articles.

Q: What are the best newsletters for human resource professionals?

  • A: Some of the best newsletters for human resource professionals include Bonusly, People First, and HR Dive. Check out the rest of this article for details on these newsletters and many more.

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