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Top 10 Best Team Collaboration Software Platforms To Boost Productivity In 2022

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The success and health of an office largely depends on how well its members work together.

While you can have the ten best employees ever, if they are unable to communicate or collaborate you won’t be able to succeed.

Team Collaboration Software Platforms

According to Forbes, “Creating a culture of collaboration is essential — even more so now that it looks as if remote work will be the norm for the foreseeable future.”

“Creating a culture of collaboration is essential — even more so now that it looks as if remote work will be the norm for the foreseeable future.” -Forbes Click To Tweet

Thankfully, you don’t have to fix your office collaboration alone. There are many great team collaboration softwares to keep your team working together as best as possible.

Upgrade your office collaboration now—here are the ten best team collaboration softwares to boost productivity in 2022.

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What is Team Collaboration Software?

Team collaboration software is online apps and tools—some free, some paid—that allow your team to work together online.

Online collaboration tools can create comprehensive calendars, generate collaborative digital workspaces, streamline HR needs, and more.

Using team collaboration softwares will help your team work better together, leading to a more successful office.

List of Team Collaboration Software Tools

Read on to see the ten best team collaboration software systems to boost your team’s productivity.

1) Motivosity

Best for: Showing appreciation


Motivosity is a team collaboration software tool that puts extra emphasis on one very important word: “thanks.” A reward and recognition program, Motivosity gives team members access to an intranet which gives employees a chance to show off their personality, show gratitude to other employees, and receive awards.

You can also use Motivosity to listen to and learn from your team with surveys, tracking, and reports.

Great for team sizes of: 25 – 50

Why we love this team collaboration software: Motivosity uses its positivity-forward brand to help your office stay organized while also encouraging a healthier, more appreciative company culture.


👉 Try Motivosity today!



Best for: Project management is a project management and workflow tool like no other. This shared workspace allows you to run projects from one centralized location.

With boards that track deadlines, assign tasks, and give project overview, will have your entire team working toward a common goal as efficiently as possible.

Great for team sizes of: 5 – 20

Why we love this team collaboration software: allows even a fully remote office to stay connected, stay on-task, and keep collaborating.


👉 Try today!


3) Mo Rewards

Best for: Everyday recognition


While you of course want to celebrate the big wins, it’s equally important to shout out your daily moments of triumph and hard work.

Mo Rewards is an employee engagement software with an intranet all about Moments, special recognition posts to call out good habits, celebrate an occasion, or share the results of a successful project.

Plus there are Boosts, automated prompts that encourage a responsive, communicative office culture. There’s also a rewards program, nomination for hard work—there’s certainly Mo and Mo features available to you and your team!

Great for team sizes of: 25 – 50

Why we love this team collaboration software: With a plethora of useful collaboration features, a great layout, and a positive goal, there’s Mo than enough reasons to recommend this software.


👉 Try Mo Rewards today!


4) Bob

Best for: HR solutions


The modern office requires modern HR solutions. Thankfully, there’s a name for your HR fix. That name is Bob. Bob is the perfect hub to simplify, streamline, and centralize your HR needs. HR can help with onboarding, payroll, time off, timecards, and so much more.

Plus, Bob isn’t one-sided—there’s use for the HR team, management, and your employees! This makes it so everyone can get the help and information they need in one easy-to-use system. Thanks Bob!

Great for team sizes of: 5 – 20

Why we love this team collaboration software: With comprehensive HR solutions, your team can focus on the task at hand and what your company is all about.


👉 Try Bob today!


5) Leapsome

Best for: Employee growth


Leapsome is all about helping your team leap forward. With an emphasis on “people enablement,” Leapsome is here to help your team become the best versions of themselves.

Leapsome gives you space to sculpt your team with performance reviews and development frameworks, along with goal alignments and calendar functions to create a more collaborative environment. This will drive performance, increase engagement, and streamline your workflow.

Great for team sizes of: 25 – 50

Why we love this team collaboration software: Leapsome gives your team the tools they need to collaborate, grow, and improve as both a group and individual.


👉 Try Leapsome today!


6) WorkTango

Best for: A holistic employee experience platform.


Boasting that “people are their passion,” WorkTango strives to create an all-in-one engagement software. This means recognition tools to help motivate your employees, surveys to learn from your team, and a goal setting and feedback section to help improve team collaboration.

With WorkTango, your whole team will be in-step and grooving along with ease!

Great for team sizes of: 50+

Why we love this team collaboration software: With so many great tools and usages packed into one platform, WorkTango can be used as an all-in-one employee collaboration tool.


👉 Try WorkTango today!


7) Confetti

Best for: Team-building

While there are plenty of services that make it more efficient or seamless for your team to collaborate on work projects, Confetti does something special—it teaches your employees how to collaborate. That’s because Confetti is all about team building activities for work!

By letting your team have fun at work, while also hosting events that encourage teamwork and critical thinking, your team will become more comfortable with one another while also learning crucial communication skills and tactics.

Confetti offers a slew of unforgettable team building experiences including game shows, virtual escape rooms, trivia, and more. Confetti caters to in-person, virtual, or hybrid team-building events, so any type of office can get involved and have fun.

Great for team sizes of: 1 – 50+

Why we love this team collaboration software: The large catalog of games and activities allows teams to pick and choose when they want to get together to bond! With most of their activities incorporating a virtual aspect, even remote teams can benefit from this kind of lively collaboration.


👉 Try Confetti today!


8) Slack

Best for: Communication


Slack is the ultimate collaboration tool for instant messaging, file sharing, and teamwork. With individual chats, public and private group messages, user profiles, and the ability to voice and video chat in-app, Slack will keep your team connected and collaborating in real-time, no matter where they are in the world.

Plus, Slack allows for third-party app integration, and these Slack apps allow for even stronger organization and communication.

Great for team sizes of: 25 – 50

Why we love this team collaboration software: Giving you convenient communication with your entire company in one easy-to-use place, Slack will improve your collaboration and increase office productivity.


👉 Try Slack today!


9) Google Docs

Best for: Collaborative documents


With documents, sheets, presentations, and more, Google Docs allows your team to generate important work while collaborating in real time. This means the whole team can build an important presentation at once, or can leave comments that can be interacted with and replied to—all in the documents themselves.

With Google Drive, it’s easy to share your Google Docs and make sure they’re of use to the entire team. Best of all? Google Docs is free!

Great for team sizes of: 5 – 20

Why we love this team collaboration software: A reliable, affordable choice, Google Docs is an ideal tool for document and presentation collaboration and sharing.


👉 Try Google Docs today!


10) Kallidus

Best for: HR needs


Kallidus is a full Human Capital Management software provider, which means one software provides an incredible suite of employee and employer benefits. This includes performance and compliance tracking, task management tools, improved onboarding, an engagement tool, and plenty of courses and classes to help your team improve.

Within the Kallidus suite is Sapling HR, which allows your team to streamlining the HR process. Including seamless integration of other workplace tools, you can customize Kallidus to be your one-stop source for all your work needs.

Great for team sizes of: 50+

Why we love this team collaboration software: Kallidus provides an impressive list of helpful tools and game-changing softwares to modernize and streamline how your team collaborates and grows together.


👉 Try Kallidus today!

People Also Ask These Questions About Team Collaboration Software

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about team collaboration software.

Q: What software platforms are used for collaboration?

There are many different software platforms for collaboration, both paid and free. Collaboration platforms can be worked into almost every aspect of your employee’s workflow. Plus, these tools increase transparency at work and help managers identify areas their team is excelling in and places where they can improve.

Q: What are the benefits of using team collaboration software at your company?

The benefits of using team collaboration software include easier communication between employees, better workflow, and a clearer sense of direction for your team. This will lead to a more efficient, successful office. Team members may find themselves more productive over the course of the workday since they can easily see their task list, project goals, and better identify what they should work on next.

Q: What are some collaboration tools for large teams?

Most collaboration tools scale well, so they can support teams of almost any size. For large teams, however, we recommend services that contain an enterprise plan built to manage large companies and hundreds or thousands of employees. Most of the tools in this list can be used by teams of all sizes, so it is important to do your research to find the program that best suits your colleagues.

Q: Are there team collaboration software platforms available for small teams?

The majority of collaboration tools were built with teams of all sizes in mind, and you will likely only pay a rate in-line with the size of your company. It can be smart to try out a tool with only a few employees first to get an idea of what a larger rollout might look like. While there are numerous benefits to using team collaboration software at work, you should not invest time, money, and energy into these tools if you and your employees are not going to use them.

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